Zygor Review: Alliance and Horde Leveling Guide

Alliance / Horde leveling guides have always been hard to come by, until now. Introducing World of Warcrafts highest rated, most secure and overall cheapest WoW leveling guide known as Zygor’s Guide! With Zygor’s guide most users got to level 80 in only 7 days and from then on made the record in World of Warcraft’s history.

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Now, I am not a sponsor of Zygor’s guides but I can say I am a user of Zygor’s Alliance and Horde In-Game guides. I used it on my Rogue and as of right now I am using it to level my Warlock. Later on in this post I will shortly recap all of the good and bad off Zygor’s and show you EXACTLT what makes this my favorite and half the world’s favorite leveling guide EVER made.

Right now, if you have no checked out Zygor’s then I urge you to do so even before I explain the rest of this to you just so you can see it for yourself. You can visit Zygor’s right here or you can wait till the end of the post and then visit the guide AFTER I am done ranting on about it.

“Zygor Guides Has The Fastest Leveling
Path In The Entire World! We Get You To
Level 80 In Under 7 Days Using Our
100% In-Game Leveling Guides”

As the above paragraph shows, it has the only complete In-Game addon guide that makes it where you can read and go through this guide as easily as possible without ever needing to open any notepads or any text driven ancient guides. With being completely in game and not intrusive or annoying you can expect to level to 80 in UNDER A WEEK! That is insane, right? Well it has been done, over and over again and reviewed by numerous people such as…

  1. Americanchronicle.com
  2. Rpguides.net
  3. Wowden.com
  4. Reviewica.com

We will not steer you wrong on this guide as everyone has always been satisfied and that is the exact reason why it is the best rated World of Warcraft leveling guide, ever!

The Good and the Bad

Here is the good –

  • Completely In-game
  • Extremely Cheap
  • Fastest leveling guide ever made
  • Highest quality and best support out

And here is the bad –

  • I found it a little hard to read at some points
  • It seemed like it was moving me too fast, but that may be a good thing
  • Once you start, you can not stop

As always, I have been very kind in the review of this guide but for once this is just because I could not find much wrong with this at all. I seem to have been able to level about 1-1 1/2 times faster than I normally leveling by using basic addons which means I leveling quicker than I ever had in my life!

The result?

Give Zygor’s Guides a try and if you do not even like them, get your money back! I had the same promise from Zygor, and they live up to their word.

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