Wrath of the Lich King : Level 80

It has been announced! Level 80 has been accomplished in only 27 hours after the release of Wrath of the Lich King. You all should know who he is by now and for those who do not, you simply do not know World of Warcraft. This young fellow is known as Nyhm.

Nyhm is a warlock that plays World of Warcraft on a European server and he is quite good about it as well. He has published the most well known guides of all time in setting the standards of how fast leveling really is. Nyhm was able to get to level 80 in only 27 hours and this did set the standard. An interview with MMO-Champion with Nyhm, he stated…

“The biggest problem was to find a spot with enough monsters to grind without too much downtime. I spent some time on beta servers and eventually found the crypt in Drakil’ji Ruins (Grizzly Hills), I think that’s one of the only place[s] in Wrath of the Lich King where monsters repop in about 30 seconds, mobs here are also neutral and it makes grinding a little safer.”

This interview proved that Nyhm knows all there is about World of Warcraft and how to benefit from everything within. Nyhm has published the 1-80 guide for World of Warcraft there is major hype on his 1-80 leveling guide of course and how he managed to do so. This was just released and has sold amazingly! I personally have been using this guide and it has been working miracles for me. I do not like to falsely advertise and say it will do the work for you, but this will make things so much easier.

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