This WoW Video Will Make You : BLIND


This must be the greatest World of Warcraft video of all time. You will not disagree with me simply because you would have no valid reason to do so. The Craft of War : Blind is the utmost greatest piece of artwork on World of Warcraft since the Funeral Raid happened by Serenity Now.

“Earlier this year I got pretty bored and decided to do something creative in my spare time. I’ve been wanting to do a fight scene for a while and decided to develop a story using World of Warcraft. Animation is what I do and I decided to use my skills in making something.”

Azeroth Cookbook has already posted on this stating that is was purely awesome and from two bloggers alone you should know that it is great. So check it out and try to do something better if you think you have the talent.

As you can see he is already an animation master so he knows what he is doing. You should check it out above the post if you haven’t already. Comment on what you think about it and just tell me it is awesome and I will be happy.


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    Yeah, this video rules. Wish my Rogue could do some of that stuff. Just adding the “Superleap” ability from City of Heroes would rock. Ok, it’d be terribly unbalancing, but what the heck. :)

    And thanks for the plug!

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    wonder what makes this video soo special
    its just another bullshit video.

    god bless these kids!!


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