WoW 3.1 Live


Hold on to your mount because 3. is out today! Thats right, April the 14th WoW 3.1 went live! Wooot! Now what does that mean for you? Well it could mean a few things but that would take forever to go into detail about each class so I think I will touch on what will be happening for EVERYONE since 3.1 is out. Let us recap what is here now!

WTF My Mount Can Swim?! Did anyone else see that?

Yes, that is a common thought, you are not high and others can do this too as of 3.1. Congratulations!

Now in instances: There are interactive maps!

Since 3.1 was released, you can now see where you are inside the instance on the map. This means that you will be able to get through instances even if you are lost, no more excuses! (Currently only supports Wrath maps)

Lots of random class alterations.

There are lots and lots of class details that it would be pointless for me to mention but check them out on MMO Champion right here.

Dual Talent Specs!

Yes, having two talent builds are cool, so take advantage of them now. Paladins, feel free to make a Holy/Prot Dual Spec, never need a tank or a healer again! Too bad Rogue’s will not feel any love from this besides PvP/PvE, but check out Rogue Talent Builds anyways.

Lots of bug fixes, lots of new items, and tons of talent build changes. Hard to list them all but feel free to check out MMO Champion for more information! Have any questions? Feel free to jot them down and I will try to answer.


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    I got the dual build and am using a 51/13/7 Mutie DPS spec along with a 45/5/21 PvP build. The spec also lets you have separate glyph sets and you can switch with a click. Pretty sweet.

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    i used to be? hardcore in wow. but you guys actually farm them yourself?


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