WotLK Warrior Builds

WotLK Warrior Builds

These are the best Warrior builds out for level 80, and they will have you trampling over your opponents in any shape or form. The Warrior to me has been so overpowered ever since I have played World of Warcraft and this guide just backs me up on that, of course this is coming from a Rogue. If you are getting mixed up on what you really need to specialize in then you will be glad you are here because this is the only place on the internet that covers your worries.

Karazhan difficult? Shame on you!

The Warrior is a must in the land of PvE simply because they do what they do, they protect. They are able to keep the aggro at all times so your cloth wearing friends do not die every-single-time. You are the reason my character isn’t stuck in a graveyard, you are the reason why we still play this game, and most importantly we use you to get the loot!

Extreme Anger [13/2/56] – Combines Protection with Anger Management to keep rage and therefore aggro using sunders to your advantage. I will assume you will know how to hold a tanking role in a raid or whatever scenario you may be in. There are so many techniques to hold aggro that I will not get into this in this very guide.

Like a Rock
[7/10/54] – You will be using this build for the ultimate in reducing damage because when you are level 80 then you will be the best thing out there that will be taking the least amount of damage possible and this build helps just with that. It will be using Improved Demoralizing Shout to your advantage for even more melee damage reduction. Note: I recommend the most in armor more than anything for this build as you will need every single point.

Titan Rage [17/54/0] ? The Titan rage build is a great management for rage while in the midst of any PvE situations. This Fury build is all about dps and how to maximize every single drop of damage from the tips of your blood thirsty hands. The average fight will consist of rotating Bloodthirst then you will use Slam if Bloodthirst crits then you will use Whirlwind and then repeat while making sure to use Heroic Strike if your rage is over 55.

Sorry! If you Rend me I will Rend you back!

The more dense headed Paladin known as a Warrior, the ultimate wall of defense since well a wall. You will be massacring villages of poor little gnomes while keeping your HP at a maximum without care or fear of consequence, and these guides will make sure you are doing it right! Below are the best builds that has ever graced your eyes, please do not sue for eye damage.

Sword Storm [58/13/0] ? The sword storm build is a build focused around swords and should be used accordingly. This build is almost the same as the below minus the fact that you will be not using axes in this build. Make sure you keep up your bleed effects and always take note of Bladestorm.

Axe Storm [52/19/0] ? The axe storm build is focused around 2 handed axes as you will notice. You should be using Cleave to get the full potential of this Warrior build as you will have specialized in Improved Cleave, also make sure you are keeping all debuffs on your one opponent to get the most out of this build. Keep an eye on Bladestorm as you should be using this to get the absolute damage out of your character.

In order to reach this high level you may want to pick up a leveling guide in order to meet your ultimate goal at becoming the highest level on the game! I personally recommend Zygor?s guide because so far this is what I am using and I am already level 79 as a Rogue.

No More Alt+Tabbing or Minimizing the Game to Read the Guides. These Brand New In-Game Leveling Guides Will Level You Faster Than Any Other Guide? Period.

This is an all inclusive and in game leveling guide that will get your from 1-80 in the fastest time possible without skipping anything important, they also offered me a money back guarantee so it is crazy to miss out on this. This guide will have you to level 80 in under 7 days, what other guide offers this?

Now with all of this new information learned, go forth and conquer! Be sure while you are in an arena to make me bleed to death or you can toy with me and think I have a chance, but who are we fooling here? You will defeat me. If you see a poor little Rogue in an arena, make sure you take it easy on the hot Night Elf, because we have feelings too!

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    Horrible warrior PvP builds. No imp. intercept? Really?

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    poopypants…these are PVE builds.

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    Oops, he has pvp builds also. My fault.

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    […] Level 80 Warrior Build Best Level 80 Warrior Build WotLK Warrior Builds WotLK Warrior Builds These are the best Warrior builds out for level 80, and they will have you […]

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    I like the builds but one problem. Your two storm builds are not complete on the build wowhead talent calcs. But what there is, is cool. Being new to warriors those non shown points I am afraid I could realy screw up and misplace them.

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    Lol you suck, not even speccing for bladestorm and speccing endless rage, not speccing down stun to max nor sudden death to max… Just fucking stupid -.-


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