WotLK Warlock Builds

WotLK Warlock Builds

Behold, the Warlock. Enter the world of shadow, fire, and other terrifying, dark demented STUFF! Will you embrace the shadow? Rip apart your demons? Engage your darkness just to be let down by the inner being of doom and torment? Look into the depths of the water filled with blood and shame , find the holy grail of what we call a guide and find the true meaning of what it means to be called Warlock!

Pew Pew, Goes the Shadow Bolt

Do you get tired of hearing, “Stop staring at your Succubus.” ? Do you get tired of repeatedly using Shadow Bolt? If so, then you need to read the following. In no way, shape, or form will you ever improve yourself, and you will continue to suck at life until you figure out how you are going to help your raid group. The following WotLK Warlock builds are focused on PvE aspects only, and should not be used in Arena or any Battleground.

Boring Affliction
[56/0/15] ? Sigh. This will be a great build for the weak of heart Warlocks that wants a strong damage build but hasn’t personalized it yet, and with this build you will be able to do just that. You can achieve Eradication by trading Malediction for it. You will be able to have Improved Curse/Exhaustion by simply trading out points from Improved Felhunter. You will be constantly shifting through spells with this build and barely having time for Shadow Bolt but it will be worth your time when used thanks to the talent points invested.

MetaBolt [0/55/16] ? Using Metamorphosis in your talent build you will be able to do increased amount of damage with your skills such as shadow bolt. In this build you will be repeatedly using Shadow Bolt to achieve maximum dps while using the increased crit bonus from Ruin. Your spell rotation will be similar to the following; Curse of Exhaustion, Shadowbolt (repeatedly) Pop Demonic Empowerment, then using Metamorphosis.

Suck on Fear!

Waste no more mana using rediculous methods known to the raid groups, waste no more time becoming the very best as the top damage dealer of all time. These WotLK Warlock builds do nothing more than obliterate the enemy and destroy their spirits. Crush the victims with the blood of the sorcerror within you, trample every Hunter, Paladin and Rogue in your path but run, run in fear from any Death Knight you may see.

DoT Pact [32/11/28] ? The DoT Pact build is a build composed of strong DoT’s and using Dark Pact for mana. You will be DoT’ing and Fearing your enemy then using Searing Pain crits to finish your opponent off.

Shadow Guard [0/41/30] ? This is your basic build for any arena or battleground. This build is based on survivability and using Fel Guard for pet damage unto your enemy. You will be kiting a lot with your pet and keeping yourself alive while your DoT’s and your Fel Hunter finishes your enemy off.

In order to reach this high level you may want to pick up a leveling guide in order to meet your ultimate goal at becoming the highest level on the game! I personally recommend Zygor?s guide because so far this is what I am using and I am already level 79 as a Rogue.

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  1. avatar comment-top

    Could this build work well in raids?
    I noticed everyone now is using affliction/destro. Great for the gcd. But I like my bolts so am curious

  2. avatar comment-top

    I think that the only spec for PVE for lock is this:

    That spec required the succubus out, and grant max dmg and crit for you and your party or raid. This is only way to SHADOW LOCK

  3. avatar comment-top

    I checked out that build and from what I see it looks like it would keep up great DPS but like always with the ticks from the affliction build watch your TPS as it may serve and issue with CC as well.


  4. avatar comment-top

    I have specced and respecced and this is definitely the best build I have found. Use glyph of corruption for 8% chance of instant shadowbolt, glyph of siphon life for 20% bonus and glyph of imp and ur imp will be major buffed and outputting 400dps in raid. Use all dots including immolate and keep them on target at all times. Shadowbolts as fillers with 100% bonus dmg on crit.

    Enjoy seeing ur dps on top of recount at the end of Patchwerk.

  5. avatar comment-top

    Just a question ,,, Why would you say use Curse of Exhaustion when in this build 0/55/16 ,, you dont have it ,, all points are Demonology an Destruction … just a question for a noob .

  6. avatar
    Raduwarlock Says:
    February 17th, 2009 at 3:37 am

    don’t bother with this article guys, the guy who wrote it is a role-player who has no idea what PvE or PvP means

    please discard this article, thank you

  7. avatar comment-top

    @ Raduwarlock

    Comments are best when people gain something out of your knowledge, which for one I see a lack of. Thank you and come again!

    For someone that lives.eats.breathes PvE I think I have a little say-so in World of Warcraft and to question my authority on the subject seems a little ill mannered.

    If you have any questions just ask, instead of broadly accusing me of a “Role Player” which, I am not.


  8. avatar comment-top

    Hey, just a few things.. your 0 55 16 build link isn’t finished, and also with that same line you say cast curse of Exaustion, Sbolt..

    Do you not mean Elements?
    You dont even have the talent point spec to use that curse and if you did it wouldn’t help in raids, much anyways, unless you were kiting mobs for the raid, but we all know hunters do that a tad better :)

    Also.. the 0 41 30 build.. FTW :)

  9. avatar comment-top

    This guide seems to be outdated… even before it was outdated .. it was a joke!

    just another page with some yadayadayada’s and to much ‘awesomeyouregoingtoberichandlvl80fastbybuyingmyoverpricedguidewichyoushouldntbeneedinginthefirstplace’ adds…

  10. avatar comment-top

    how come no destro builds. i see so many locks using destro builds over everything else for raiding.

  11. avatar
    You are TERRIBLE Says:
    September 20th, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    Your builds are PATHETIC and your suggestions are a JOKE. Any PvP build REQUIRES soul link and master summoner….that is, if you actually know how to play PvP……loser.

  12. avatar
    you suck you are terible Says:
    March 18th, 2010 at 4:37 am

    you are terrible what the hell are you talking about soul link and master suminer is good but it dose not mean that u will have a better pvp xsperience every 1 knows that if u ar enot conftible with the spell u want use it asmuch so it is a waist of talentpionts and there buiolds arnt that bad why dont u link ur talentlayout if u think its so perfect or let me guess u probly carnt dps for hell

  13. avatar
    ....... ampm Says:
    February 11th, 2011 at 4:52 am

    i think i must looking for the new talent


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