WotLK Rogue Builds

WotLK Rogue Builds

Some like Combat and some like Subtlety and no one likes a pure Assassination build, but we all can agree on one thing, damage and a lot of it. The builds I have compiled together will set you up for doing the most damage both in PvP and PvE situations, just try to keep your threat down. Think Hemorrhage is still nerfed? Well it is, but don’t let that depress you because there is so much for you to learn.

Lay off the threat!

We know, we know, every body likes to be the top on a damage meter. There are times and places for everything in life and some even out of life, just like dps. The WotLK Rogue builds below will help in managing your threat along with dishing out some damage while ripping through dungeon after dungeon AND staying alive at the same time. Wait, you never heard of staying alive while doing a lot of damage too? It is time you learned how.

Swords [20/46/5] ? This build will need to use Swords to achieve maximum DPS. You will be using Sinister Strike to build up your Combo Points, Kick on spell casts and keep Slice-and-Dice up at maximum duration. Start off each fight with 5 Sinister Strikes, Slice-and-Dice, then build up for finishing moves. Use Adrenaline Rush when needed especially during a boss fight. This build is mostly used for slow threat per second and to maintain maximum dps.

Daggers [17/51/3] ? Using this build you will need to watch your threat per second because using daggers has a larger threat than swords do. You will be building up combo points quickly with this, using Backstab and keeping Slice-and-Dice up at all times to achieve your full potential. Also, keep your Adrenaline Rush in mind because with unlimited energy you may slip up and pull aggro.

Sub-Assas-Combat [3/25/43] – Yeah you all think I am crazy by now, but seriously check this out. This build is all about your combo points and how you are relying on your group to get what you need, CP. The thing is for raiding you will be needing to do lots of damage to the boss you are fighting and to stay alive, while hitting, parrying, and keeping your Slice-N-Dice up. When in the Rogue stance (standing behind the enemy, swords drawn) whail on the boss’s back with Eviscerate and keeping Rupture up if you can since you will be full of Combo Points. In the mean time while waiting for Combo Points you can be Sinister Striking the enemy till your finger bleeds.

One Word : Ambush

If you love owning some clothies as much as we do then you will love this. These WotLK Rogue builds will achieve the maximum power you need to kill those Priests with that dreaded bubble of theirs and wipe their tears away as well! You will be so over powered even the Paladins will complain.

Shadow Dance Fist/Mace/Sword [16/3/52] ? With Shadow Dance build for PvP you should come out of the shadows screaming a big ole’ Cheap Shot! In this build you will be hitting hard thanks to Serrated Blades that allow you to ignore 8 armor but increasing your Rupture by 30% and Blood Splatter also increases your Rupture by 30%.

The way this build is to be used is by using Premeditation on your victim, then use Shadowstep right behind them and spam Sinister Strike until you want to use Rupture. Also, be aware that you have Shadow Dance with this build which only has a 2 minute cool down and when it is up pop it then use Cheap Shot for another stun.

Mutilate Close Quarters Daggers [51/15/5] ? You are all about your trusty dagger, without it you fail in life. You will be poisoning, removing bleed effects, using Backstab and opening up with Ambush. The order should be Ambush, pop Cold Blood, and continue to use any combo point builder move.

In order to reach this high level you may want to pick up a leveling guide in order to meet your ultimate goal at becoming the highest level on the game! I personally recommend Zygor?s guide because so far this is what I am using and I am already level 79 as a Rogue.

No More Alt+Tabbing or Minimizing the Game to Read the Guides. These Brand New In-Game Leveling Guides Will Level You Faster Than Any Other Guide? Period.

This is an all inclusive and in game leveling guide that will get your from 1-80 in the fastest time possible without skipping anything important, they also offered me a money back guarantee so it is crazy to miss out on this. This guide will have you to level 80 in under 7 days, what other guide offers this?

Now aren’t you so excited? Your precious class can come back to life as these builds are in the hands of a player that will use them, right? There are several WotLK Rogue builds you can use as you see, and the Rogue builds depend on what the player likes. There are no guarantee on how long they will last as all good things come to and end and maybe something will be nerfed again but lets not worry about that.

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    Hmm, a few things about your Mutilate spec.

    You won’t be using “Backstab” as you said, you’ll be using “Mutilate”, that’s what the spec is for.

    I suggest to take “Master Poisoner”, more crit works well with “Focused Attacks”

    I also suggest to move the 2 talent points from “Imp Slice and Dice” to “Precision”, you will be using “Envenom” with this build and with “Cut to the Chase” “Slice and Dice” will be up always.


  2. avatar comment-top

    Hi Night,
    I do thank you for your input on this build, but if I fixed it for one person then I would fix it for everyone. =]
    However, I did take the time to even try out the build and what you say does work but unfortunately, it is not what I was about, I mean there are probably thousands of different builds you can use and the only thing I can offer is my experience of being a Rogue for around 4 years now.

    Thank you for your advice again, and I fixed my typo thanks to you, (fixed the using Backstab thing)

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    Lol the Pvp builds are really sucky. Hunger of blood suck at this moment cous u allways have to get it running all the time to get the maksimum… try this build http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=fhxcoeMoiroIzZ0xZebbbhhkb or http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=fhxcoeMoiroIzZ0xV0xbZtbbb if u wanna spec Mutilate…

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    Im doing arena and Im using a mut/prep build.. Forget ambush/backstab and use shiv/mut.. Its more effective. For the build above, forget improved sprint and get the trinket. Put your point in sub instead of combat..

    But this is my opinion only lol

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    You seem to have forgotten the rogues true raid build. HaT. I’ve gotten upwards of 6k dps with it.

  12. avatar comment-top

    why would you use backstab with a mut build…

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    […] [3/25/43] […]

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    […] [3/25/43] […]

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    firstly its nice to see someone tryin to give there input, gz for that.. as for the fact uve been a rog for 4 yrs, hmm u clearly state that ur 79 on ur rog using the ingame lvlin guide, but perhaps thats a diff rog on a diff server, anyways i dnt wanna post and be accused of flamin ya,, muti/prep is the way to go for pvp,altho im working on a few things right now to try n replace it,,, for all u HaT lovers yes its been screwed for its multi rog bug but get the right group and ull still see them top spots..
    anyways nice 1 for ur site coz i enjoy having a good read in a morning. keep it up mate.

  16. avatar comment-top

    I completely understand where your coming from, but I have not said I played for the solid 4 years. I did use the leveling guide to get to 80 by the way, which I reactivated my account about 1-2 weeks ago and I leveling at a great rate.

    On towards the HaT builds, we have been doing lots of tests on them and reading on Elitist Jerks and they also claim that HaT is working as intended but if you have two HaT Rogues, every crit you will get 2 CP’s which may or may not be bugged but the original way of HaT is working as intended as said by Blue post.

    Thanks for all the input,

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    On the sword build for PVE, does slice and dice really make you do more damage then evicorate?

    Also, which glyphs do you recomend for this build?

  18. avatar comment-top

    Night was pretty much on the spot.
    If you do pve as assassination rogue, then you need blood spatter, deadened nerves is useless (you don’t need it solo, and no need in group/raid).
    Master poisoner is very well needed. If you don’t agree, well, about 28% of my total damage is poison, so yep, poison talents are very important with this build.
    The 2 points in SnD, you don’t need them anyway. Move them to relentless strikes (precision is OK but i got just 3 in precision and relentless strikes is a pretty decent dps talent).
    Yep, you’ll be using mutilate, not backstab.

    I’m sure your guide is outdated since it was written quite some while ago and you also see the situation different now. Just stumbled upon this in google looking for something totally different.

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    Yeah, sorry about the builds right now. They are in the process of being updated as I have been raiding as Mutilate spec right now which has been GREAT on my DPS by the way.

    WotLK really changed things and even now things change everyday or at least we find some new stuff about how DPS is done.

    Slice n Dice is GREAT because you have the Cut to the Chase, you stack 5 points, Slice n Dice, then Stack 5 more, Rupture, then get like 3 points, then Eviscerate to refresh your Slice n Dice and continue doing that all during the raid.

    THAT is exactly how I am doing Naxx right now, I will give more detailed posts later when I have more time but if you have any questions here, please ask.

    If you can not find what you want, just ask me and it will be here the next day, guaranteed!

    Thanks for your comments tho, I love to see fellow Rogues =]


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    Yeah I raid as assassination, too, 51/13/7. I can share my personal experience here, feel free to try.

    What I personally do is:
    – stack up HfB 3 times before the fight, trying to have as long HfB as possible while still full energy when I start hitting the boss
    – start with mutilate, SnD right afterwards no matter if 2 or 3 CPs
    – if i get 1 CP back on target from Ruthlessness, i do CB mutilate, so I can do a rupture right away (means I will surely have 4 CPs)
    – then I have time to do 1-2 mutilate, as needed, to refresh SnD with envenom.

    For the rest of the fight, main points:
    0) I try to stay behind boss when possible to avoid parry
    1) I try to do only 4 or 5 pt finishers, sometimes I need to use a 3 one for refreshing SnD, rarely tho, if unlucky with both HfB and SnD running out and unlucky on mutilate crits.
    2) I try to refresh HfB and SnD as late as possible (not to ‘waste’ energy when I still have them half way or so, I refresh under 10 sec usually). Never drop HfB and SnD if you can, it is a clear loss of dps to let them run out, you have to use energy to refresh them, that you could use on damage finishers. While doing this it’s risky to get a dodge/parry if not expertise capped (I’m not) so don’t let SnD run down to 1-2 sec or you risk running out of it if you get 1-2 dodge/parry on the envenom. Still, sometimes I have extra CP/energy and then I do an Envenom early (a ‘filler’ one).
    3) If Rupure is running out, I try to have 4 or 5 CPs up on target, then I wait and pool energy, when Rupture runs out I refresh immediately. BUT if I am close to 100 energy I just risk an envenom hoping I get 1 CP back from Ruthlessness and a crit Muti, if I have this I can still refresh Rupture without having it down. Sometimes I am w/o Rupture a few seconds tho, it’s based on luck.
    4) Whenever CB is up I use it only when I get 1 CP back from Ruthlessness. If I used it at 0 it’d be only 3 CP from the Mutilate, means I need another mutilate anyway, but if you have 1 CP on and do a CB Muti it’s a guaranteed 4 CP and you can already use a finisher (either to refresh something or a ‘filler’ Envenom).
    5) Never let your energy cap out. It’s a waste of damage as long as your energy sits at max. Yes, few seconds matter too, if you want to perform as good as possible :)

    I might have missed something, hopefully not. I just did a test for a different purpose, lvl 80 dummy (so not boss one), got 2565 dps. On boss, 1840 or so. Unbuffed, ofc. Instant poison on MH, deadly on OH.

    plasticknife@karazhan EU.


  21. avatar comment-top


    I read this over and it was pretty cool…

    I raid and pvp assasination 51/13/7 and what I have been wondering is why other rogues use instant poison on their MH and deadly on the OH?? never has been that way… and I would only put deadly on my OH if I was shiving alot… in raids you are not using shiv… or you shouldn’t be… there is no need… only in pvp would you use shiv and even then that would be with cripling poison and mind numbing poison…

    My other question is… Why are people using fast weps on their MH instead of their OH?!?! slow weps are always best held in the MH… ALWAYS… their top damage will always be better than the slow one… unless the top damage says otherwise i.e. 136-280 faster opposed to 158-308 slower when you look at the top damage that will be added to ur crit OH usually contributes to your energy gain…

    In my opinion, switch it around you will be happier with your dps this way and waste less time =)

    Watchasudie@Garrosh US


  22. avatar comment-top

    IP scales much better with attack power. I get 2k IP crits and I’m no that good geared. So prefer IP on MH.
    Speed, 2x fast for now. 2x fast mean more poison procs (main reason). You’re only seeing as far as Mutilate damage, which in fact is normalized too so it isn’t a LOT of difference between slow/fast.
    This is compensated by poisons proccing more often (namely IP, we’re talking of MH here, but it goes for both). In a raid my Mutilate damage (before the Muti nerf, don’t raid these days) was about 20% of total damage output only, even my poisons do more (roughly 28%). So this is why the small damage difference is compensated by poisons.
    This goes for sustained damage of course, for solo/pvp/whatever I’d probably just prefer sow daggers (if I had any :p) since there, the small extra burst worths more.

    I just use Voljin’s dps calculation spreadsheet (litistjerks.com forums) when in doubt, and just see what my theoretical dps would be if I switch daggers, poisons, or even enchants, or whatever else.

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    […] can look up the Rogue only one we have available completely free on Azeroth Now! Check out those WotLK Rogue Talent Builds today and give us a shout, show us some love […]

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    Hey :)
    I have played rogue like a couple of months and I have reached lvl 71. My friends got much more dps than me, like twice as much and they even like pick on me cause of it. And they says that rogue sux, I wanna show them it is not true. Can u guys help me? I dunno how I will get my Dps up :)


  25. avatar comment-top

    Hey Prodam,

    We all get the flaming on the Rogue class but I am here to tell you that it is not all bad.

    There are some experts over at Zygor’s provide a great in game leveling guide, sort of like an addon that will get any character of yours from level 1 all the way to level 80 in less than 7 days! Which will show you the true ways to bring up your DPS!

    Also, there is a new Rogue Raid DPS guide that I made on Azeroth Now that will dramatically increase your DPS, no joke at all! I raid every week, and always strive to improve my DPS to show those Ret Paladins and Mages. So check that out at


  26. avatar comment-top

    Okey, ty for that. Assassination is Daggers right? I think I will try The assassination specc at 80.

    Thanks Visin :)

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    You need to give you head a shake. 15/51/5 is Combat Dagger Spec for raiding and 41/5/25 Is the most used pvp spec, Do your homework before you make some garbage guild!

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  31. avatar
    Jamezinator Says:
    July 3rd, 2009 at 10:11 pm

    rogue builds seem to be the most controversial aspect of WoW I’ve ever seen forum wise. I am terribad with my rogue and I’ve gone through tens of guides looking for a good pvp spec. Thanks for this guide but does anyone know of any really well rated rogues in arena so that I may compare specs? seems like a very logical thing to do instead of arguing hypotheticals. Once again, thank you

  32. avatar comment-top

    It seems you don’t know a fuck about rogues..
    Backstab with mutilate spec.. omg… And you didn’t put preparation…
    Srsly, l2p.

  33. avatar comment-top

    You are leet enough to troll on a 1 year old article.

  34. avatar comment-top

    For burst damage go Subtlety
    Use deadly poisons
    Use daggers
    My special move is this:


    And if your victim isn’t dead by then you add this ……




    It will be dead lol, But if not go mad with what you got…….

    That moves work for me i am a 23k hp rogue and i pwn anything that got 20k – 35k hp

    They don’t stand a chance. And if that don’t work you still got Preperation to get vanish back and then it all starts over again lol

  35. avatar comment-top

    Seeker, are you good at PvP ? With that tactic I mean?


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