Wotlk Death Knight Info

What is a Death Knight?

There are two different types of death knights that have existed; 1st generation death knights and 2nd generation death knights.

1st Generation: Death Knights of the Old Horde

A first generation death knight was essentially the soul, knowledge, memory, and personality of an orc warlock that was imbued into reanimated corpse of a fallen knight of Azeroth. Unlike modern Death Knights of the Scourge, these ghoulish fiends were not battle hardened warriors; they were insidious necromancers who possessed superior intellect and tremendous magical power. They often favored the use of terror tactics and reanimated the corpses of enemy soldiers who fell in battle to serve them as mindless undead minions. These skeletal soldiers served to shield the Death Knight from enemy attacks, allowing them to unleash their deadly eldritch sorcery from range.

2nd Generation: Death Knights of the Scourge

A second generation death knight is essentially the body, soul, knowledge, memory, and personality of a fallen hero who was reanimated into a preternatural state of eternal undeath by the Lich King. Unlike Death Knights of the Old Horde, modern Death Knights are not limited to their use of ranged spell casting abilities. Modern Death Knights are exceptionally skilled in the arts of physical combat and further augment their formidable melee abilities with the use of powerful blood, frost, and unholy disciplines. In terms of relative strengths, modern Death Knights are more versatile then their first generation predecessors due to their ability to effectively engage enemies in the physical rigors of close quarters combat. However, both generations are equally destructive and terrifying to engage in the field of battle.

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How can I create a Death Knight?

The Death Knight is the first hero class in World of Warcraft and can be unlocked once one character on a particular realm is level 55+. Once a Death Knight is created you will not lose a character and your former character will not “turn into a Death Knight”. This Death Knight that will be created will start off at level 55 and you will start doing the bidding for the Lich King, until the story line unravels…

What does a Death Knight do?

Well, I am not sure if this was the meaning of a hero class but it seems the Death Knight can do all. A Rogue is a DPS, a Warrior can be a tank, and a Priest can be a healer (until Wrath came out, heh) but with a Death Knight all it takes is a change of a talent tree to change your role. To sum it all up a Death Knight is a rigged up, fast swinging Warrior, that can heal himself and buff the party/raid. Neat right?

What information can help me play my Death Knight?

The Death Knight is a magical new frontier with most people and lots of people have no clue in which direction to go as a Death Knight and what builds to specialize in but good thing at Azeroth Now, we did that work for you. Go check out my Death Knight Build Guide and read up on the most popular builds for a Death Knight and then tell me how much you are owning the Rogues now!

Are Death Knights popular?

As popular as sliced bread! Seriously, everywhere I look in Stormwind I see a Death Knight. Last night I tried to find a Mage to port me to Shattrath but low and behold there was 0 Mages around, but there were like 1,000 Death Knights, maybe Death Knights should be able to port?

Frequent Death Knight Macros

-Whoa, Slow Down!

#showtooltip Death Grip
/cast Death Grip
/cast Chains of Ice

This will either pull the enemy towards you or hold them in place rendering them useless in movement.

-OH SHI- button for frost spec

#showtooltip Hungering Cold
/cast Lichborne
/cast Unbreakable Armor
/cast Icebound Fortitude
/cast Hungering Cold

This is used for if you pull to many mobs at once or in PvP when you are surrounded, just like a get out of jail free card.

-Ghoul Ranged Stun

#showtooltip Leap
/cast Leap
/cast Gnaw

This lets you stun a target in range of your ghoul’s leap instantly. Useful for interrupting spells when Death Grip and Strangulate are on cooldown.

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I hope by now you understand the importance of a Death Knight and what they are all about. This article is used to be about Death Knight info and to keep the general World of Warcraft public in sync on the latest class. If you have any question please email me or just leave me a comment.

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    Reginald Says:
    June 4th, 2011 at 9:13 am

    The second generation death knights are like Arthas, who abandoned their faith and gave in to the lure of the Lich King. Don’t worry tho (Y) Everyone makes that mistake.

    Third generation are the Acherus type ones.


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