WotLK Death Knight Builds

WotLK Death Knight Builds

Here we present to you the top rated Death Knight Talent Builds. These builds will scare you, these builds will even shock you but most of all these builds will help you. As of today there has not been any success stories while being a Death Knight solely from the fact that they have not been out as long as a Mage, or a Warlock, or even a Rogue. Below are the top Death Knight builds alive and they will be sure to help you.

This below guide is simply intended to give a general look over of the class. For a more in-depth and highly detailed look on this class, read to go and updated for Wrath of the Lich King, check out this killer death knight guide.

Oh Bloody Frost, is this Death?

We have all seen it. We all fear it. The new class, the Death Knight, scares almost every other class in the game. With the new Death Knights ability to heal, damage, and even tank almost makes the Death Knight invincible. Just because you have a slight advantage being already higher level this does not mean you know how to play your class, this simply means you are even more confused and for all those Death Knights that need help or just advice read the following.

Blood PvE [45/26/0] – This beast of a build will make sure you are doing your damage while keeping up buffs and heals on yourself and allies. With the Death Knight comes new strategy and with new strategy is a new mind and a new way to play, its just up to you to embrace it.

Frost PvE [10/51/10] (Thanks to Nathrezim) – Another hard hitting frenzy build is by using Frost. This Frost build will keep you swinging fast while keeping an eye on your runic power. Death Knight builds like this is common these days just for the fact that people like to do more damage and well, this is kind of it.

Unholy PvE [7/0/64] – Being Unholy is not all about death and torment, it is about living, and living long. The build will narrow down on your defense against stuns and the like while unlocking special summons such as the bombarding Gargoyle.  You will also be able to keep control of your Ghoul without the time duration like without the talent point, also your mount is 20% faster.

Some like it hot, well we like it cold!

Do you ever get that blood boiling feeling about you that wants you to rip apart every soul that has though about Frostmourne? Yeah me either, just curious. Anyways, we want you to be able to have a successful PvP life and with that you need some help, because lets face it, you do not know jack about it. That is why you are going to read below to check out these builds right?

Blood PvP [62/0/9] – Have you ever wanted a pet sword? Now is your chance! You will have the end talent “Dancing Rune Weapon” which will enable you to summon your Rune Sword to fight along side of you. This is the the typical “I will do more damage to you” build and there is nothing more about it, you can pretty much call yourself a Rogue with more benefical suped up powers, oh yeah, and you can not stealth.

Unholy PvP [0/14/5] –  This will be your typical terminator styled build, because you will be armored to the core. This Death Knight build will allow you to increase your Strength, Stamina, and Armor while being able to use the Unholy tree to compliment your summons.

Frost PvP [0/60/11] – There is nothing really to say about this build other than you are a crazy, frenzied, suped up Frost Mage. That is simply all I can say about it, you even have a form of Frost Nova, jeez. You will just need to keep your cooldowns in check and you will be pretty unstopable with this.

In order to reach this high level you may want to pick up a leveling guide in order to meet your ultimate goal at becoming the highest level on the game! I personally recommend Zygor?s guide because so far this is what I am using and I am already level 79 as a Rogue.

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You can see the sheer power in this Death Knight build cant you? You can feel the cold right? I can. If you have followed one of these builds correctly then you will at least be able to grasp your character more firmly. Learn your Death Knight, learn every little aspect of it as you will become one of the best if you set your eyes on the right goal, and that goal is to become to best at what you do.

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    as a Frost tank, I would like to comment the build you are presenting here as Frost PvE. I think it has some flaws.

    First, I don’t see the reason why to put 2 points to lower the cooldown of Death Grip. To use it as a taunt is unnecessary.

    Second, three talent point in Runic Power Mastery? If you don’t have time to burn 100 RP so why stack 130.

    Third, Death Rune mastery in taking build is total failure. You need to get rid of Blood runes to keep the Blade barrier up and not to produce another hindrance in burning them down.

    Look at this build:

    I believe that having the Frost aura, Epidemic (to prolong the duration of diseases) and Virulence (to increase the hit chance of spells if much better way).

    Also while Rune Tap is nice talent, you need to care about the threat and spamming other things than to heal yourself.

    Well this is just my opinion, of course. ?

  2. avatar comment-top

    Greetings Nathrezim!

    First of all let me compliment on your ability to word yourself correctly, and after reviewing my own build in that spec I do see that I had errors in it, and if you had no problem I would rather replace mine and use yours if that is fine of course, giving proper credits.

    Heh, come to mention it, I believe this was a late night for me while writing that guide and most likely the reason why it doesn’t make much sense to the avid players, but that is why we have great readers like yourself, right?

    Well, thanks for the lengthy reply again, and I will be sure to edit it right after this comment.

    Thank you,

  3. avatar comment-top

    ok, for one blood isn’t all about the rune weapon you regen hp like mad mmaking you last longer in combat while i agree about the dancing rune sword thats at the bottom of the tree and its 1 skilll out of how many others in blood i have stomped every other class 1 on 1 in p v p to earn my grim reaper achievment blood has no weakness other than unholy by a small margin so to give credit where credit is due ……Blood Knights Rule!!!

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  6. avatar comment-top

    Blood DKs

    51/13/7 used it from the start, still rocking out dps

    130 RP – Max it out then throw in DRW
    longer lasting DRW ftw

  7. avatar comment-top

    being a dk as my main, i raid several nights a week and pump out very high dps. i look at these builds you posted on here and wonder if you actually know how to play one. sorry but i looked into the talents and for pve you have alot of wasted points and for raiding not very viable.

  8. avatar comment-top

    This is my blood pvp build http://www.wowhead.com/talent#jfVGqI0IsbRbostMZfMoI
    i looked at ur blood pvp build and i found many talents that u have that are useless for pvp maybe good for pve but in my experience jsut completely useless. im a lvl 73 dk i do enough damage to where i can take out some 80’s which most people dont believe me but try it yourself my crits are around 5k

  9. avatar comment-top

    of course this is purely my opinion and i hope you are not insulted by what i said


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