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Welcome to World of Warcraft gold as far as the eye can see. Below I will share a few of the best gold tips and tricks from Warcraft Millionaire’s Guide for the full guide check out, Warcraft Millionaire or my other post on Review Warcraft Millionaire.

Tip #1: Sell what you do not have

You will be in front of the Auction House in whatever city and pretty much linking things that sell quite easily. Sounds easy? Well it is. Lets say that there is an item in the Auction House for around 500 gold, you then will proceed to link the item in /2 or “Trade” channel and put up “WTS (Item) 600 gold. PST Now!”. With this trick you buyout the item you see in the Auction House for 500 gold then you turn around and sell it to the guy who wants to buy it for 600 gold.

Notes: You can make up any amount of money that you feel comfortable with but I used 600 gold just to name a price. This works on anything else in the Auction House, just be fast and be nice.

Tip #2: Buy Low Sell High

This should be common sense to most but you will not believe how many people simply overlook this. For this all you need to do is know you stuff. You should be able to spot a good deal when you see one then you will sell the item back in the Auction House or Trade channel for higher than what you paid for it. Stick with that strategy and you will never go wrong!

Note: Be sure to know how the market is doing so you do not get ripped off. I for one have been ripped before but it was only because I did not study the trends of the market and I bought too much and never could sell it all. Think!

Tip #3: Use those skills!

You have profession skills for a reason, not to just get those pretty achievement points! Use your skills man. Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, and Fishing, those are what we call “Gathering” skills, where all you need to do is go out and grab the materials. People pay ridiculous prices for the things you do, just because most people are lazy. Gather that ore and go to the Auction House and lay it on the people, they will eat up your ore just so they don’t have to farm it themselves!

Now most of these tips are self explanatory but who needs a bunch of confusing mumbo jumbo that really yields no more gold than simple tactics? Now, I have spoke time and time again on Azeroth Now, so see my Warcraft Millionaire Review post and find out what the hype is. That is my point. Warcraft Millionaire is what revealed what is going down on the Auction House and how to cash in on it for yourself before the rest does! People are lazy and Warcraft Millionaire is not, so use their tips to make the lazy pay for your junk and you will always be ahead. Get Warcraft Millionaire today!


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    I like your tips. To make them work you need to study the market. I use Auctioneer, but it has a learning curve and some don’t care for it. Other’s recommend WoWecon.

    These programs will give you useful info – such as: if ore sells well at 30g a stack and someone posts a bunch at 10, then you can buy and resell at 30.

    But if someone has posted a pile of stacks at 10 and you post yours at 30, it will be awhile before it sells. So you either buy the cheap stuff or store yours until prices rise.

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    Hey Greg.

    Thanks for the marvelous explanation added to the original post. That is correct. Auctioneer does have a steep learning curve but it does come in handy quite a bit.

    Study the market, that is all I can say!

    Thanks again,


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