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First of all I would love to say I have fallen in love with an inanimate object once again but this time it is even farther away from reality, this time it is more of a technology/extension/addon thing.

Ubiquity is this new tool or extension for Mozilla Firefox in which it tries its hardest to make life for a computer much, much easier. Now I would like to say, I am no way a computer beginner as I have revolved my entire life around computers since I was 8, but that is a different story, the point is that Ubiquity helps us.

As quoted from,

Our new project attempts to alleviate all of these problems by allowing end-users to apply textual commands, or verbs, to whatever they?re looking at. For instance, let?s assume that I?ve found a typo on a friend?s blog, and I want to let him know about it. I can first select the typo on the page by dragging my mouse over it.

Then, I can activate what we?re calling the ?command entry mode?. At the moment, this is done via a hotkey that displays a popup window, though this particular interface is only temporary (more on that later).

Now I type ?highlight?, because that?s what I want to do to the typo, to emphasize the location of the typo to my friend.

I then press enter, which highlights the text, like so:

Now I?d like to email part of the sentence containing the highlighted typo to my friend, so that he has some context for where the typo is located. I do this by highlighting part of the sentence, and issuing the ?email? command. This causes Firefox to switch to my Gmail tab and compose an email for me with some pre-filled content:

I can now modify the email as necessary to tell my friend about his typo, and then send it.

All of these things will add up to making your life so much simpler with Ubiquity. Now that we know what this is, we are now able to use it to help with our other nerd side, World of Warcraft.

You can add extensions to this extension by “subscribing” to other commands that Ubiquity will know how to use and function with. Now it is cool that you can highlight a phrase and easily send it to your friend but it is even cool-ER to be able to look up an Armory profile without even trying, or you can Thottbot from any other website easily.

After you have downloaded Ubiquity you can now subscribe to these various commands which all pertain to World of Warcraft.





WoW JuJu

Great! Now since you have all these new additions to your new extension you can go crazy and make your life how it should be, simpler.

If you have any questions or something doesn’t work, just make sure you comment or email me and I will answer you somehow. Thanks for the read and sorry it was so lengthy.

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