The Ultimate Guide To Lvl 19 Rogue Twinking Pt V

By now you?ve gotten the gear, the enchants, and you?re ready to dominate Warsong Gulch. But why not go one extra step to ensure that your twink is at its absolute best? Consumables will give you that last extra boost to max out your stats.

Part 5: Consumables and Addons

You?ll need to pick up Alchemy, Engineering, and First Aid and max them out to lvl 150 (lvl 225 for First Aid). These professions are very easy to power level quickly for little gold. There are a few items you?ll want to make and keep in your bags at all times.




  • Explosive Sheep: [Explosive Sheep]. Learn this from your Engineering trainer. (I rarely use these, but they are nice to have just in case. I?ve killed several flag carriers who are just out of my range with low HP with these).
  • Big Bronze Bomb: [Big Bronze Bomb]. Learn this from your Engineering trainer. (Great for stunning a pack of players chasing your flag carrier).

First Aid

Other Consumables

  • [Rumsey Rum Black Label]: Increases Stamina by 15 for 15 minutes. To get these you?ll need to take a lvl 60+ character into the instance Caverns of Time: Durnholde Keep (Escape from Durnholde, Old Hillsbrad, etc). Once in the instance head to Southshore and go into the Inn. The bartender sells this item. Stock up with plenty of these and mail them to your twink. (Purchasing alcohol for minors, yes I know!)
  • Heavy Sharpening Stone: [Heavy Sharpening Stone]. These are crafted by Blacksmiths, find someone to make some for you or grab them from the Auction House. Be sure to sharpen both of your weapons.
  • Scrolls. Something I rarely use, just because they are hard to come by in large quantities at 19. Some scrolls to look out for however are: [Scroll of Agility], [Scroll of Protection II], and [Scroll of Stamina].


One add-on you?ll definately need if you?ve picked up a Sword and a Dagger is Outfitter. When set up properly, Outfitter will equip your Dagger to the main-hand while Stealthed, and equip your Sword to the main-hand when not Stealthed. Why is this useful? Of all your abilities at 19 Ambush has the highest damage output potential, 2,500+ Ambush crits are not unheard of. By default you will always want a sword in the Main Hand. Sinister Strikes? damage is determined by weapon damage, and a good main-hand sword will maximize this. Problem is, you can?t Ambush with a Sword in the main-hand, you?ll need a Dagger.

Once you?ve downloaded and copied Outfitter to your Addon folder start the game. Open up your character sheet (C) and you?ll see a new icon in the top-right corner, click it.

  • Non-Stealth: Make sure to equip all of your ?normal? non-Stealthed gear (this includes your Sword), and click the checkbox next to Normal. After this, click Enable All at the top-center of your character sheet.
  • Stealth: Now equip your Dagger, make sure all of your other gear is still equipped. After this, click Enable All at the top-center of your character sheet.

When you Stealth this add-on will auto equip your Dagger for Ambush, then equip your Sword once your Ambush hits.

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