The Ultimate Guide To Lvl 19 Rogue Twinking Pt IV

This is what will really make your twink shine in Warsong Gulch, ridiculous enchants. For the sake of keeping things simple I?ll break these down into a list similar to the armor list.

Part 4: Enchantments


  • Since there are no actual head enchantments, you?ll need to pick up an item enchantment instead. To complete this you will need your lvl 70 character (Note: very important, if you plan on applying this enchant to [Lucky Fishing Hat] it will need to be acquired by a character on another account). To begin you?ll need to pick up a [Libram of Voracity], this is a world drop in lvl 48-56 regions and can also be picked up in the Auction House fairly cheap. You?ll also need to pick up a [Black Diamond] from the Auction House. The next two items (4x [Crystal Force], 4x [Whipper Root Tuber]) you?ll need will require some quest backtracking in lvl 50 regions. You will also need 30g to turn in at the end of these quests.
  • First, make a trip to Un?Goro Crater. Find the NPC J.D. Collie, she is located at the back of the cave at Marshall?s Refuge. You?ll need to complete all of her quests until you finish the quest Making Sense of It. Upon completing this quest you will receive [Crystal Pylon User’s Manual]. Use the manual and then round up 10x [Green Power Crystal] and 10x [Blue Power Crystal] (Auction House or lootable from crystals in Un?Goro Crater). Take these crystals to the Eastern Crystal Pylon and convert them. You will receive 6x [Crystal Force].
  • Next stop: Felwood. Talk to the NPC Arathandris Silversky or Maybess Riverbreeze and pick up the quest Cleansing Felwood. After completeing this pick up the next quest Salve Via Hunting, also grab a [Cenarion Beacon] from the NPC. This quest is repeatable and you?ll need to do it twice. When it?s all said and done you will have gotten 4x [Cenarion Plant Salve]. Next, look around Felwood for Corrupted Whipper Root plants. Use your salve on these plants until you have 4x [Whipper Root Tuber] (Note: you may have to complete Salve Via Hunting more or less than 2 times to have enough salve).
  • By now you should have [Libram of Voracity], [Black Diamond], 4x [Crystal Force], 4x [Whipper Root Tuber], and 30g. Take a trip to Burning Steppes and speak to Mathredis Firestar. He will give you the quest Libram of Voracity. Accept the quest, turn it in, and choose [Lesser Arcanum of Voracity] (make sure to choose +8 Agility version) as your reward. And there you go, your head enchant. To use it simply apply it to a BoE helm and send it to your twink. If you are applying this to [Lucky Fishing Hat] your twink will have to trade with whoever has the enchant item and place their helm in the Will Not Be Traded slot.


  • Unless you were able to cheat the system when Burning Crusade released, there is currently no way to enchant your shoulders at lvl 19.






  • Currently there is no way to enchant a belt.


  • Another item with no actual enchantment you?ll also need an item enchantment for your legs. Hands down the only thing you?ll need is [Nethercleft Leg Armor]. Crafted by Leatherworkers, this will run you a few hundred gold on the Auction House. To apply have a lvl 70 character attach this through Will Not Be Traded.


Melee Weapons

Ranged Weapons

  • Grab an [Accurate Scope] from the Auction House and have someone lvl 20 or higher apply this to your bow through the Will Not Be Traded slot.

Final Thoughts on Enchanting

Enchanting is a very expensive aspect of your twink, but certainly the most rewarding. Your leg enchant alone will be providing you with 400 HP and +12 Agility. Generally, when I need an enchant I?ll gather my materials from the Auction House and enter Trade Channel and ask for anyone who can do the enchant I need.

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