The Ultimate Guide To Lvl 19 Rogue Twinking Pt II

Part 2: Getting To Level 19

By now you?ve most likely conquered all of Azeroth and at least most of Outlands on your main, getting to 19 again sounds like no big deal, right? Well it isn?t. But there are a few very important things you?ll want to do well before you ding 19. The reason is simple, no one wants to spend hours upon hours and thousands of gold on a character that they accidentally level to 20 trying to complete a silly quest in Westfall.

Instance Gear

First and foremost you?ll want to gather all of you gear before lvl 19. There are some options in gear that you?ll want to consider (the specifics of which will be explored in a later article), but below is a list of items you will definitely need to instance grind for. It would be wise to, if possible, grab all of these items to play around with and find which combination you prefer. I made the mistake of not grabbing all of these, and now I am unable to.

  • [Serpent’s Shoulders] – The best shoulders a 19 twink can get by a long shot. Grab these off of Lady Anacondra in Wailing Caverns in The Barrens.
  • [Blackened Defias Armor] – One of two chest pieces you?ll want to look at for your twink. Pick this one up from Edwin Van Cleef in The Deadmines in Westfall.
  • [Gloves of the Fang] – Not an item I generally have equipped on my twink, but definitely something to pick up ?just in case?. Drops from Druids of the Fang in Wailing Caverns in The Barrens. (Note: This item is BoE and can be bought from the Auction House as well.)
  • [Belt of the Fang] – Also not an item I normally equip. Pick this up if you want to save around 30g for a [Deviate Scale Belt] on the Auction House. Also drops from Lady Anacondra in Wailing Caverns in The Barrens.
  • [Venomstrike] – The absolute best ranged weapon for a lvl 19 can be picked up from Lord Serpentis in Wailing Caverns in The Barrens.
  • [Shadowfang] – The best sword for a lvl 19 is also a random drop in Shadowfang Keep. This item is extremely difficult to get, and as a BoE, can go for thousands of gold on the Auction House.
  • [Assassin’s Blade] – The best dagger for a lvl 19 is a random drop in Shadowfang Keep in Silverpine Forest. This item is extremely difficult to get, and as a BoE, can go for thousands of gold on the Auction House. I was lucky enough to get two of these, more on that in a later article.
  • [Cruel Barb] – An alternate main hand, drops off of Edwin Van Cleef in The Deadmines in Westfall.
  • [Thief’s Blade] – An alternative offhand, drops off of Smite in The Deadmines in Westfall.

Quest-Related Gear

!It?s likely that you?ll come across these while getting to 19, but it?s necessary to complete these quests earlier than Blizzard intends for normal characters (lvl 20+). I won?t go over these in great detail as they are very straight forward, but I will hit the higher points. To complete these before lvl 19 you must have the assistance of a higher lvl character, as these are intended for characters lvl 22-32.


  • Quest line for [Seal of Wrynn]: Can be obtained at lvl 16. To begin this quest line first kill Edwin Van Cleef in The Deadmines in Westfall, you?ll receive an Unsent Letter which begins these quests. Throughout this 12 quest chain you?ll need to kill Bazil Thredd in The Stockades in Stormwind, gather a few easy to obtain items, and do a lot of running around.
  • Quest line for [Tunic of Westfall]: Can be obtained at lvl 14. This is an optional piece, but it?s great for the agility. This is also something that only Alliance twinks can pick up. These quests begin with The Defias Brotherhood quest line in Westfall, which eventually leads to you killing Edwin Van Cleef and receiving this item as a reward.


  • Quest for [Seal of Sylvanas]: Can be obtained at lvl 18. Simply pick up the quest Arugal Must Die! from Dalar Dawnweaver in The Sepulcher in Silverpine Forest. Venture to Shadowfang Keep and kill Arugal to obtain his head.

For The Hardcore

Easily one of the most sought after items for a lvl 19 twink of any class is the hard-to-obtain [Arena Grand Master] trinket, and for good reason, this thing is an absolute beast. Nearly everyday I log on my twink I receive two or more messages asking how to get this trinket, and here?s how.

This is certainly the hardest challenge you will face on your quest to create an elite twink. Before you begin you?ll want to be at least below lvl 17, because you?ll be gaining some heavy experience from the process included to get this trinket. Get your twink to a point where you can stop a dedicate a week up to two months on doing nothing but trying to get this trinket. When you?re ready, begin the corpse drag through Stranglethorn Vale to reach Gurubashi Arena. I?ve found this to be the easiest route to travel, from southwest Westfall. (Of course this differs for Horde, but you get the idea). Every three hours, everyday, a chest will spawn in the middle of the arena. Inside this chest is an [Arena Master], and this is your goal: collect 12x[Arena Master] from Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale.

How It Works

Short John MithrilAt 12AM, 3AM, 6AM, 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, 6PM, and 9PM server time each day a chest will spawn, this is announced by the NPC Short John Mithril. Seems easy enough, just loot a chest eight times a day. But there?s a twist, Gurubashi Arena is a World PvP area, meaning it?s a completely free for all arena. Even your own faction can attack you. On occasion you will get lucky and log on to find no one in the arena, but most of the time it is camped by several lvl 70s for whatever reason. Which leaves you with two options: be sneaky, or bring your own army of lvl 70 friends. Personally, when getting my trinket, I had a few friends help me fend off anyone intent on one-shotting me. No matter how you plan to tackle this it will take at the least a week, (it took me just under two weeks of attempts 4-5 times a day, everyday).

Your First Trinket

After you?ve snagged your first [Arena Master] you?ll need to talk to Short John Mithril, the arena organizer. He?s fairy easy to find, being the only NPC in the arena. Just look for a goblin in pirate attire on the far side of the arena seats. When you turn in your first trinket he will ask you to collect 11 more before he awards you with your shiny new [Arena Grand Master].

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