The WotLK Gold Guide

World of Warcraft : Wrath of the Lich king is so huge! The expansion content will be providing the most expensive items in the game for most and most do not even have the amount of gold that they should have. As you know WoW gold guides are easy for Azeroth and Outlands content but Northrend is a different area altogether now. Here we have compiled a short list for you to get your gold level rasied so that you do not feel like such a loser to the rest of your guild.

Storage : This surprisingly is a very important step when you are leveling a character, now I know that this guide is about WoW gold but this is important as you need the bag space while leveling, so I sugges that you pick up the largest bags you can afford for the journey to level 80, as that will get you the most gold per hour.

Professions : Be sure while out in Northrend that you are focusing on getting your gathering proffesion levels up to the max so you can make the utmost amount of gold possible. With mining and herbalism you will make more gold than you will ever need! Keep this all in mind while progressing throughout Northrend.

Items : As always, BoE drops are ALWAYS in demand, solely because people want to have the best and rarest treasures in the lands. Be sure to keep your BoE items in the bag and wait for the perfect time to control the auction house. You will be able to rack in some gold this way and very quickly.

These are only a few ways to make gold in World of Warcraft and I learned a lot more from World of Warcraft Secrets guide. The guide will teach to make the most amount of gold possible from WoW WotLK. I have purchased it a while back and have made way more gold than I have ever seen in the game. You should take advice from WoW Secrets as they know the secrets in getting the most gold possible. So take it from the best and try it out today.

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    […] The WotLK Gold Guide World of Warcraft : Wrath of the Lich king is… […]

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    lmfao. great tips? all u said was get big bags and lvl your profession, which everyone already knows to do. thanks for charging us for common knowledge =)

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    Did not charge you for anything but I am super glad that you are the genius of your battlegroup. ^^



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