Small Eggs Domination

If you have woke up today and seen any of the reactions of the trade channel you will notice that “Small Egg” are going for ridiculous prices on the World of Warcraft Auction House. It is almost insane for “Small Egg” to sell for that much! I have seen a high of 13 gold per “Small Egg”!

Yes, you have heard me right, 13 gold! So I went to investigate the sudden increase on the “Small Egg” and come to find out it is only due to the Winter Veil holidays on World of Warcraft. Which I already knew why it would have increased for but I had to see it for myself, so I decided to go in and try it myself, and that is when I controlled the market.

These “Small Egg” are dropped by a numerous amount of monsters on the game and I will list a few of them that have the highest drop rate reported by


Crazed Dragonhawk

149.4% Eversong Woods

Dire Condor

64.8% Redridge Mountains


60.6% Westfall

Young Fleshripper

55.9% Westfall

Crazed Wildkin

48.8% Azuremyst Isle

Strigid Owl

80.2% Teldrassil


56.0% Darkshore

Timberstrider Fledgling

58.0% Azuremyst Isle

Mountain Buzzard

64.3% Loch Modan

I have proven that around Darkshore behind Auberdine that mowing down every Moonkin in sight that you will generate the most “Small Egg” per hour. I came up with around 100+ “Small Egg” on my 32 Shadow Priest on Warsong server which were going for an average of 5 gold per “Small Egg”, and at the end of the evening I came in with around 400 gold in around an hour or two of no work.

So try this out today and see what you think, come back here and tell me if it worked on your server or it didn’t, its free knowledge but a little stronger this year, so reap the benefits!

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