Shift Click : Something Blizzard Should Consider

As I was playing last night on WoW (the reason for me not posting for the past few days) I realised something WoW does not have in the game. Talents.

Now do not get me wrong, I know we have talents in game and I am not some crazy guy thinking no class has talents but we do not have them accessible in some spots where we need to see them.

Some areas to include are;

1. LFG – This could be done by simply being able to shift click someones name and this would bring up their talent build. (how many points in each tree)

2. Chat – Inside any chat area we should be able to shift click and see someones talent build there, simply by just telling us in the format like this; [7/0/64] – Simple.

Now why would we want this?

Last night I was in a raid and of course we dropped a guy and we was looking for a healer to bring in the raid, and a paladin said he was a healer, just for us to bring him to us to find out he was holy, just not speced right for what we wanted. Just simple things like that I do find that they should add this. I would love it.

I am just one person, so what do you think on this? Do you think it would be feasible to have this implemented? Let me know by dropping me a word.

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