3.1 Dual Spec’s : Rogues Don’t Need Them!

Yeah we all know the flashy “3.1 Dual Spec’s Will Change Your Life!” but what use will Rogue’s have with it? Will we be getting buffed to be able to tank? Maybe we can heal? No? Then why do we care? We should not.

The day’s that Paladin’s do not need to interupt the raid to go change to be a healer or a DPS or a tank for our raid impresses me greatly. Druid’s being able to do the same impresses me greatly as well but why do I care about their greatness? I should not. As Azeroth Cookbook says on their post about WoW User Interface Updates, we know the following about the dual spec implementation:

1. It is only for the level’s of 40+

2. You can switch it out anywhere you would like.

3. You need 1,000 gold as an initial fee. (Check out how to get that gold here)

As you can see it is flashy for the hybrid classes but what about the Rogue’s? What are some uses we will have with this neat feature? There is only one that I can think about, allow me to set up the scenario for you right here.

Let us say you just got Raiding with your guildies and when you come out there are a couple of flagged hordie’s chilling in front of the summoning stone, what do you do? Simply change your Raid Spec to your leet PvP Spec and own some Horde tail! Want some tips on some mega-leet Rogue Builds or any other builds? Check out the builds here.

What do you think about the Dual Spec feature? Do you think Rogue’s have a purpose in life or are we destined to just be depressed toons with no improvements since BC? Speak your mind here, this is your playground.


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    Or hunters? Or mages? For pure dps classes the only benefit will be to avid PvPers who are also avid raiders and know better than to try to do either with a hybrid spec.

    Still, I’d say that’s a nice benefit as it will no longer restrict some who raid during the week to pvp’ing only on weekends, due to the hassle of having to respec in one of Azeroth’z old cities. It could also lend to more experimentation in raid builds (especially since there are a slew of class changes coming out as well and will continue to be).

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    fatroguedorf Says:
    March 29th, 2009 at 11:00 am

    Lol, you’re kidding right? PVP spec PVE spec buddy. I respec 3 times a week to switch out. you can’t pvp in a pve spec because you dont have imp sap stealth or stealth speed or the burst dmg. and raiding pvp spec is just horrible. soooooo you fail.

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    theguywhoownsyou Says:
    April 19th, 2009 at 8:16 pm

    for real, go back to playing your death knight little kiddy. You obviously have nothing better to do than post crit walls of useless info.

    The guy above me said it.. PVP

    and if your response is “i dont pvp” i bet you stand in fires and shit too .. no situation awareness. quit wow scrub!

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    Although I agree that this will be of MAJOR use to swap PvE vs PvP I think it’s pretty obvious from this post that what the author means is that for PvE focused players it gives a lot of classes the ability to serve different purposes while PvEing, but for rogues (and as pointed out other DPS ONLY classes) it doesn’t give us any advantage or multi-purpose during PvE.

    That said I think the author could have been more clear.

    What I’m seeing mostly though is that everyone now DPSes, every HEALER I know now DPSes on the side, so basically, as a PvE rogue, it kinda feels like everyone can do my job, but I can’t do anything else.

    fortunately they can’t all do it as well… yet…

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    Well, fatroguedorf and theguywhoownsyou have only proven that it’s very possible to make a juvenile ass of yourself on a comment board without actually contributing to a discussion. Bravo.

    The plain and simple fact is, dual spec isn’t for everyone, and Blizzard didn’t intend for it to be so a pure DPS class could switch from one dps spec to another (outside of pve -> pvp). It WAS intended for healers with tank sets, or tanks with dps sets, etc.

    It’s not a mandatory purchase, if you don’t need it there is no point in qq’ing about it.

    xoxo Happy Earth Day.

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    well id dual as a rogue as stated only to have a pve spec and a pvp so but as the other guy put its not mandatory. But if its ur main or a max lvl character uve had for a while u might as well get it


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