Reasons World of Warcraft Is Slow

World of Warcraft may be slow due to a number of things these days, and as time goes by, the problems will only get worse. More than 53% of users computers are not as speedy as they can be and the reason behind all of this is simply, the user.

Yes, I know, you hate for me to blame you on this one, but seriously, who else would you blame for the way your pc is running? Your computer right now is not living up to standards and it is so simple to fix, but many do not even know how to do it, and that is why tech support makes so much money.

World of Warcraft can become slow due to a number of things including but not limited to;

1. Internet settings
These Internet settings are what you use everyday and you do not even know where they are most of the time, and more importantly you would have not known where they are, ever. Here is a easy and more importantly simple way to optimize these settings to make your Internet and other settings become optimized. These Internet settings can slow down everything that has to do with the Internet all the way from browsing the Internet and up to playing online games, such as World of Warcraft, and that is most likely why it would become slow.

2. Adware/Spyware
Adware and Spyware can become the burden in every day life leaking out your personal information over the Internet to just anyone, and the scariest part is that you would never know until it would be too late. I propose to you the best known solution and what I use to fix these issues on my clients computers. Now, I am not trying to scare you about this but more of to educate you on what is going on in the real world as I work in this every day, and have had to deal with this a numerous amount of times in my life.

3. Corrupt or damaged registry
A faulty registry can cause more than just World of Warcraft to stop working, it could cause your PC to crash or fail to start which you will be out lots of money trying to fix and recover lost important files. Lucky for the people on Azeroth Now can fix their registry without a care in the world with only one simple tool and believe me when I say that this step is so crucial to the way your PC acts or behaves, this is the very thing that tells your PC how to handle certain components inside your computer, and it was devastating when it happened to me due to ignorance and just pure laziness I would say.

Of course, the things I mentioned prior are only a few things that could be the culprit but most importantly these are the very things that will make your computer slow and more importantly World of Warcraft slow. Data Recovery and System Maintenance is only becoming more expensive as time goes on and it simply can not wait to have your computer in tip-top shape.

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