Are you raid material?

Most of us that have never been to a raid or for the few people who consider a raid an attack on an enemy base does not know how to play in a raid and they do not know what is expected of them.

If you have never been in a raid before and you simply do not know if you would be considered good in a raid you need to be looking at yourself  to see if you possess these following skills and if not today maybe a great day to take on some good qualities.

Qualities to look for:

Friendly – The first impression is what will count to see if you are able to get in a raid and function well. My last guild refused some hardcore raiders because their attitude was a little off, and believe me, that is enough to ruin a raid group. So think positive and aim to help everyone and they will love that about you. Do not be the guy that wants to think selfishly and is cocky during the entire raid, we boot those types of immature players.

Geared Well – I know this is a little redundant but you need to be decently geared for anyone wanting to take you with them as you will need to be adequately geared to at least help out. Before you think of raiding with the big boys check what gear you can use to improve yourself and aim to have all of it before you enter a raid and they will see you have at least met the minimum gear requirement.

Experienced – You need to be experienced in what you do. If you are a healer you will need to know your healer and how you can use it to benefit the raid the most. You are required to know your character inside and out and what to do in every situation or you can say bye bye to your 2nd raid run, which leads me to my next point…

Mechanics Known -Do you know your hit rating requirement? Do you know what the MP5 rule is? If you do not you will need to start looking in to how your character works behind the fleshy exterior and how it ticks. Start thinking math when it is about your character because that math will help you when you are out there in the big scary world of Azeroth.

Being part of a successful team of players means that each player is successful and you will never be successful until you know those basic guidelines. So follow them to the heart and make yourself a better player because in the end, you will benefit from it all.

Read those strategies!

If you want some mega brownie points with your raid leader you should be up to date with all of the raids that you will be attending and how to opperate them. Now, I am not saying to analyze them until you know how to do it, but there is a simpler method, MMO-Champion.

MMO-Champion includes every raid you can think of and the strategies to them and how to be better at them. I could list all the strategies that have been worked out but that would be a waste of time and effort, just check out MMO-Champion if you need help.

Ventrillo for the love of GOD

Okay, I will make this simple, you need Ventrillo. Ventrillo or “Vent” is a VoIP client that allows you to talk to each other in a room using a microphone so you can coordinate yourself better. My guild will not let me raid unless I have Ventrillo on, it is that powerful. Just make sure you bring your full game to the table, no one wants half-assed raids.

Not everything is Hunter gear

When in a raid you do NOT need on items that is not your talent build unless you have direct permission from the raid leader, or you may find yourself out of a raid. It does not matter if the loot type is not set up right by the raid leader, it is up to you that you know basic principles of a raid, and you do not need on everything you see.

Need a break? Too bad.

Breaks are not normally held in a raid, at least I have never been in a raid where we stopped everything because someone wanted to take a break because they were tired, that is NOT acceptable. Things acceptable are the following;

1. Restroom Breaks

2. Immediate Emergency

3. Disconnection From Game

Anything besides the previous conditions are a bootable offence and should not occur in a raid because when in a raid, you mean business.

Are you raid material now? Do you think you stand a chance in the raid field of life? If you have met everything or the majority of what I have talked about here then you will see that soon you will be running raids like you have been killing Murlocs. So stick with your ethics and just stay civil and kind and do your best, thats all that can be asked.

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    As someone who’s never done any raiding in WoW (I’ve done some elsewhere) I think this is a pretty good post. So from this point of view I’ll add my 1 cent worth: It seems to me that if you spend your entire career soling that it will be a lot harder to get into a raid than if you spend a lot of time teaming. Your friends list will be alot shorter and you’ll have far fewer invites. It seems to me that a raid is the ultimate in team effort and if we’re no good at teaming…

    The ability to follow directions is essential. A good raid leader should give good directions and people should be able to follow them, which isn’t easy if you’re watching anime on your other monitor.


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