Naxxramas Heroic : Easy Mode


Reading through the onslaught of World of Warcraft posts I came to find that Naxx was soloed by two German players, well they didn’t solo the whole instance but who would have thought that anyways?

Loatheb on Heroic is normally just an average fight for the raiders of World of Warcraft but for these two German players it was leet and more leet to do so. Who were the players?

That is who they are. One Warrior Tank and one Paladin Healer are the gods behind this fight and they sure did do their job. As you can see in the video they used Invisibility Potions to sneak past the trash monsters in order to get to the more easy boss, Loatheb.

You can read more about this at Tobolds, which is quite notorious for his great articles and millions of comments, right?

Become the next two German players and make me the next video, I will be content with seeing Illidan downed by two other players, that will make me a happy blogger. Cheers.

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