How to meet goals in WotLK

In World of Warcraft goals are important. There is no way you can expect to achieve unrealistic goals so it is best to not let yourself down in the process. Many people set up goals in the game by limiting what they do a day or what they want to do in that day and meet or try to meet that one specific goal that they set, and this is what I will talk about.

There are a few steps you need to think of before you start to plan out your goals for the day,week, or even month and I have them all in a nice little list.

1. Set realistic goals

Goals can not and will not be obtained by people who set them too high, it just can not be done. The solution to this is to set goals that you know you will be able to reach and maybe even surpass your goals. The reason for setting your goals low is because you need to have some sort of self accomplishment in the day and everyday to drive more will and focus into yourself, which will lead to perfecting yourself and reaching the higher goals.

2. Plan it out

Some choose to do this differently but I do think it is better if you just plan things out. It is less stressful to know that you have to achieve a certain level in the game if you know by what time and how fast you think you will be able to do it. Plan out each day of World of Warcraft before you even log in the game, and think it through. Most importantly think of your real life situations that you need to attend to before you start to set goals for your day and by doing just that you will be able to have a better day enjoying and fulfilling your goals in the game.

3. Meet your goals

I would be lieing to you if I told you that you do not need to worry about your goals, as that would be self defeating. You need to keep the goals in your head as you have set them so there must be a purpose for them. Keep the goals in mind and aim to achieve them and keep yourself on a strict discipline because if you are serious about your game then you will be serious about your goals, in game. Meeting your goals in game is a very rewarding process because over 11 million play the game and no where close to 11 million are great at the game. After you have met your goals plan out your relaxation period to reward yourself for being such a great gamer and do what you do best, game.

As you can see, most World of Warcraft gamers do not have such a strict discipline as some of the more “hardcore” gamers and because of this there is competition and competition is what I like to see in my gaming life, as there is no better satisfaction at the end of the day than telling someone else, “I am better than you!”.

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