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Some people think that being a Mage is difficult, and some think think that they have been nerfed too far to ever make a comeback, well I just can not help but to laugh. The Mage if anything is still one of the most overpowered classes in World of Warcraft today and this is the reason I am writing this is to show you how easy it is. Below I have included some examples of what to do against other classes you will go against in some sort of PvP, it may not be a full proof guide but at least some will have a better chance.

Druid ? You will need to do as much damage as possible and as quickly as possible. A Druid will be able to heal, and do lots of damage and they will attempt to make you run out of mana but we will not let that will we? You are going to have to use Counterspell in the middle of their heals and while they can not heal for 10 seconds you hopefully can kill them before you have to retry that step all over again.

? Most judge the Hunter as one of the most overpowered classes in the game, while this might be true for some, it is not if you know how to use them. The thing about Hunter’s is that they rely too much on range to do their special overpowered skills so you should use this to your advantage. Hunters will need 8 yards in order to do their range skills and 5 yards to do their melee (which is terrible anyways) so it is best to somehow stay within 7 or 6 yards from the Hunter so they will be completely out of luck. The strategy while fighting the Hunter is to slow them with frost as much as possible while keeping their pet polymorphed because they will most likely keep you interrupted.

Mage ? Mage against another Mage is one of the epic battles that you love to see and hate to be in, because it gets nasty! You will doing as much damage as possible and timing your Counterspell in order to win this terrible battle of endurance. If you place a Counterspell correctly then you should be able to bandage yourself enough to win this. If you are unsure of what to wear to this fancy battle a must would be high end stamina gear, as health will be the factor that wins this.

Paladin ? Have you been able to plow through the Paladin’s nine lives? If you haven’t yet then you will learn now that it is never a quick fight. You will be using your wand a lot and you will conserving mana as much as possible. There is a tactic I like to use in a situation like this where you will be bluffing them into thinking that you would be able to take them down in your next spell causing them to use their precious shield, but in fact you are using every bit of mana to make them think you could finish them off. You see, bluffing is not just an effective poker strategy. It can also be essential in World of Warcraft game. If you used the tactic I stated then you should be finishing them off with a combination of wand magic or some bum spells that you can cast thanks to some sort of mana regeneration, this fight will take a while but stick in there and make them use up their mana first!

Priest ? This situation will be tricky and very deadly if you last too long. Face it, you will not out mana or HP the Priest no matter what you do, so in order to remedy this you will be needing to silence the Priest during their healing so you are able to finish them for good. You should be on the lookout if they are running at you because there is only one thing they have on their mind, fear. This fear is a 5 yard radius and they use it to get a few hits in easy while being able to DoT you without your say so. Finish it off quick, and be precise and you will have this fight won.

Rogue ? Never, never, sit down with a Rogue lurking in the shadows, or you will soon find yourself laying in a ditch. The Rogue is a class that uses fast attack speed and interrupts in order to keep you from doing your hard hits on them. You should always use Cone of Cold, Frost Nova, or anything in order to slow them down, and never let them be in front of you hitting you while you are casting your Firebolt just to be interrupted by a Rogues Kick. The way you will win is very simple, freeze them in place with Frost Nova then Fireball/Pyroblast them to death.

Shaman ? This is a heavy hitting melee class along with equal spell damage. The thing to this fight will be killing off their totems and staying away from the wrath of the Shaman running at you, you are a Mage, not a tank. You should kill the totems because you will not want to be slowed and you surely do not want your spells grounded, you don’t have infinite mana now do you?

Warlock ? In order to win this fight you first need to stop thinking of how Warlocks do not need their Fear, because we will be dispelling this as soon as it lands. With Fear dispelled their other Fear’s will be subject to diminishing returns and be useless to them, and their 4th Fear cast will be immune. Their pet classes should not be attacked but instead keep them away from you using whatever means you have, such as Frost Nova or Cone of Cold, whatever you prefer. Of course with a Warlock comes a massive amount of DoT’s which should be dispelled if possible, and since their spells are all Shadow and Fire based, Counterspell their shadow based moves and use Fire Ward on yourself to shield yourself from their fire based spells.

Warrior ? A Warrior will be your hardest fight possible if they are skilled well. You MUST and I really do stress must keep them away from you, because the most range they would have will be a gun. You will need to have Ice Armor up to reduce their melee and Frost Nova them as much as possible, and if they go to Intercept you then you would simply Blink out of it. If you have everything timed well and they are decent then this will at least be an equal fight.

Now that we have cleared up that silly myth about a Mage being weak, don’t you think it is time that you went out and started to dominate some Arena’s and maybe a few Battlegrounds here and there? That is a great mind you have there, but you will need a talent build for that, but lucky for you I have done that work for you too in a previous post here onĀ  Azeroth Now.

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    eh not too good. great for a beginner mage but needs more detail for an arena setting

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    Pro Mage Says:
    May 26th, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    Warrior, hardest fight????? Are you kidding me??? Warriors are easiest fight possible for mages!!!! Noob!!!! Just stay away and kite them!!!!


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