Leadership : The Fall of a Raid

There has always been the common debate on anything where people come together to help each other and that debate is; leadership.

There is always the one person who believes they are a leader and that everyone else in not adequate in the ability to hold together a raid group, and that is fine as long as they know how to handle it.

So exactly what makes the best raid leader? Is it the class that determines your leader? Can a priest not be a leader in today’s MMO world? The answer can not be explained by just a few words as you will see.

Leadership is when someone or something drives or inspires others to continue on a goal, and that is how it should be but where does your guildĀ  stand on this? Leadership is a joke in World of Warcraft these days not because no one is a good leader, no, it is because no one is the PERFECT leader.

As Matt stated over on World of Matticus;

Here?s a good one. The reason says it all. Leaders are expected to know every little thing.

We don?t.

We?re only human. It is so true it is scary how accurate this statement is. I?m expected to know optimal Mage DPS rotations, tanking orders, MD targets, gear choices and so forth. I?m not exactly a walking WoW Wiki.

Matt is entirely correct on that. Raid leaders or any leader is expected to be the god of World of Warcraft and I hope this doesn’t break your heart to hear it but we are not.


The only thing that can pull a raid together and lead them to victory or at least a decent run for the night is simply friendliness and compassion. I have been in so many different guilds in my World of Warcraft career that I could probably list them for hours and a lot of them had a few similar characteristics which all tend to be –negative-.

Negativity is the one thing that I have seen that will 100% of the time ruin an entire raid and the majority of the time it is not only the raid leaders fault but it is the guild as well. A few tips to keep your raid running smoothly are;

  • Think positive
  • Communicate clearly
  • Stay focused

Always keep those tips in the back of your head while raiding and you will soon find out that it is not only the gear that makes the uber leet player, it is the mindset that keeps your going to be the best, or at least moving up to the best. heh.

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