Get It Hot – Rogue Raid Mutilate Build

Well, Raid Mutilate Builds use to be hard to come by back before pre-WotLK and now they are HOT! Mutilate Builds for Raiding has only improved since Wrath of the Lich King appeared and today you will see a player who never had played one before and how much he enjoys this build now!

Who is this player?

No one popular (I don’t think), and his name is Visin! Yep, that is it, it is me, I always have been a Combat Rogue fanatic and now my views are starting to change for raiding because I have done SO well with this WotLK Raid Mutilate build. Over at the Ambush Factor I spoke of how well this build is doing and a little background information on how to use it, but the talent build is over there, and I would enjoy it if you all took the time to look over Ambush Factor as it will be done by me (Visin) and Greg from Azeroth Cookbook writing about our Rogues and how to make YOUR Rogues better!

If this does not do it for you, then you can check all of our WotLK talent builds for various classes OR you can look up the Rogue only one we have available completely free on Azeroth Now! Check out those WotLK Rogue Talent Builds today and give us a shout, show us some love man!

Or, you could always level up from 1-80 today in less than 7 days! and become one of the best in less than a week with Zygor, he has some of the most awesome guides that made me what I am today, but if you do not look up to me as an avid Rogue player then you can take my word that he IS the best guide maker – ever. Money back guarantee, not that you would anyways!

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