Going Down the Easy Way

Going Down? Achievement

As you may know this achievement can be very very harmful to your health, considering is is meant to take out 99% of your maximum health away. Some people actually have problems with this and it amazes me that people cannot think outside of the box just a little bit as this achievement turns out to be quite fun and worthwhile.

Everyone likes to JUMP!

So would you like to get this achievement past you and move on with your life or would you rather be stuck dieing and paying the nasty repair bills? I am going to assume you chose the formerĀ  and tell you the most easy way to do this without cheating in anyway at all.

As you all remember in Nagrand there is the quest Bring Me The Egg! where you used the Jump-a-Tron 4000, well think of this as the exact same thing but this time you are grabbing that achievement! Do not worry if you have completed this quest as you will still have the key for it and you can just go back and do it again.


For you new to the quest or you have new characters doing this then you must note that the quest requires you to be level 64 and the guy in Nagrand that you need to speak to is Wazat at the coordinates (62,67). After completing this beautiful achievement you will have Going Down? and your life will be one more step towards being non suck-ish, right?

Also: If you have any problems doing this at all, I have a backup solution for you that will work but it requires that you be a Mage unfortunately. When jumping off anything you can hit Ice Block a few seconds before you hit the ground and it will completely dampen your fall! So try that and tell me what you think in the comments below!

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