Fast Ways to Level a Rogue

We can all agree on one thing; leveling to the max takes a considerable amount of time and does get tiring, especially if you are trying to “cram-level”. So today I have made for you something that you can at least try to do while leveling to keep from going insane!

Being Creative is Key

Switch it up a little bit. Learn how to be different while running to your next quest turn in, jump around, jump on top of a tree stump and jump off of it. I am not telling you this so you will look silly, which you will, instead I am telling you this just to get you to get your mind off the leveling.

Take pictures as you run. Have you seen the joggers who jog and then take pictures just for art? Well, consider that your new hobby while leveling up your rogue to the max. Later on when you are the maximum level you can then stare at your Rogue’s glory and get all teary-eyed when you see it as a baby!

You are a Rogue, Act Like One

Unlock some locked boxes. Nothing is more relaxing while leveling a Rogue than to go out in Stormwind and unlock some boxes, and maybe even make some tips too! You can go around saying that you will unlock them for free and most people even pay you for your time.

Farm for some gear. Just because you are leveling does not stop from obtaining gear for you to Rogue, and it might even help you to level your Roue later! You can take a rest from back-to-back quests and start grinding for that Rare BOE that you wanted or you could do some instance runs to get that new Dagger or Sword you may be looking for.

Reward yourself for Leveling your Rogue

Ding and relax. All guides tell you how to make the most efficient run for you to get there the quickest way and THAT is true and all but it is a mental workout doing all that without a break! After you hit the next level on your Rogue you can lay back and take a break from all of it, it will surely help out later.

Set goals and rewards. Everyday when I am leveling my Rogue I get on and set goals for myself so that I have something to look forward to, and when that goal is complete I will let myself go eat, go do a Battleground for fun and maybe even go to town to hang out with friends. It is very pleasurable to level your Rogue when you know you get to do stuff after wards.

As you can tell, I know quite a bit about leveling in general, but most of all I know how to level my Rogue the right way, and I have always known how from past MMO experiences with the same general class such as the “Treasure Hunter” from Lineage 2 and any other Melee class on other RPG’s.

What I recommend for you today is to go and get Zygor’s leveling guide so that you level your rogue the fastest and so you can reap the benefits of being level 80 in a few days! I am leveling with Zygor and so should you, I have no regretted it at all.

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    Happy Reader Says:
    June 10th, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    I loved your posts its kids like you that know hwo to make wow fun, happy questing!! Thank you Very much for the helpful tips!:)


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