The Wyrmrest Accord


The Wyrmrest Accord is an alliance of the remaining four Dragonflights – Red, Bronze, Green, and even Black – against the Blue Dragonflight’s crusade. The Red Dragonflight being the most active of the four, with a large number of red dragons guarding Wyrmrest Temple itself. The faction is led by Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, their home base being in the icy plain of Dragonblight.

Source: WoWWiki


Everyone knows that the easiest way to gain faction is to do quests for that certain faction, it has always has been like this and always will be. Below I will show each quest you can do to get reputation for The Wyrmrest Accord in the Dragonblight area, which is by far the best for reputation earning. Also, beside the quest will show how much reputation you will earn by completing the quest and also a link to the specific WoWWiki quest.

Alliance Dragonblight Quests:

Horde Dragonblight Quests:


After becoming friendly with The Wyrmrest Accord you should purchase the Tabard of the Wyrmrest Accord. This tabard will allow you to gain reputation for The Wyrmrest Accord when running all level 80 dungeons or heroic dungeons. You should wear this tabard until you are Exalted with The Wyrmrest Accord.


The following items are the result of your long hard work of being at that certain faction level for The Wyrmrest Accord. You will be able to select from the below items when you are ready to make your purchase. I have included the reputation level of what you need for each item and they are in order from Friendly to Exalted.