Kirin Tor


Kirin Tor is a sect of wizards, stationed in Dalaran, that study and record all of humanity’s magic and artifacts. They are also charged with the protection of the city, but once failed to prevent Archimonde from destroying the city, under rule of Prince Arthas, who was summoned by defected Kirin Tor member Kel’Thuzad. The remaining members of the Kirin Tor were determined to salvage the ruins and rid the city of the remaining undead and reclaim their once magnificent city. The members of Kirin Tor are now cautious about who is let into their organization in fear of more defections.

Source: WoWWiki


Everyone knows that the easiest way to gain faction is to do quests for that certain faction, it has always has been like this and always will be. Below I will show each quest you can do to get reputation for the Kirin Tor in the Dragonblight area, which is by far the best for reputation earning. Also, beside the quest will show how much reputation you will earn by completing the quest and also a link to the specific WoWWiki quest.

Alliance Dragonblight Quests:

Horde Dragonblight Quests:


As everyone says, the quickest way to grind your reputation for that certain faction is by running level 80 dungeons and heroic dungeons but keep one thing in mind, you will need Tabard of the Kirin Tor. This tabard will allow you to generate tons and tons of reputation experience. You are able to purchase the Tabard of the Kirin Tor when you are friendly with the Kirin Tor.


Below I will list the well deserved items that you can obtain from the Kirin Tor at different faction levels with them. Keep in mind that these items are not free but they become unlocked once your faction level requirement for each item is met. They also are listed below in order from Friendly to Exalted, also you can hover over the items to check what the stats of items are.