Eww WoW Cooties

Female players in World of Warcraft is pretty scarce I must say, but how scare are they? Would you think that female gamers actually have the ability to be sponsored or even lead a top Battlegroup? It is INSANE. Unlike a lot of males think, there are a few that play World of Warcraft. You may be male but do not fear the cooties!

Real life female opposed to toon female

As you all know there are a lot of people that hide heir true sexuality on World of Warcraft so it is near impossible to find out how many actually are female, but what we can do is find out how many female characters are made.  Let me throw some facts to you that is made up solely on theory and a little survey.

The Daedalus Project said,

“23% of male players (N = 939) listed a character of the opposite gender as their most enjoyable character compared with 3% of female players (N = 184). In WoW, men are about 7-8 times as likely to gender-bend than women.”

That means about 1 out of 2 players will make a female character on World of Warcraft, I know I have. Out of about 20 characters that I have on World of Warcraft; 5 of them are male. The reason for this is that all the male characters are just flat out ugly to me on WoW, now I am a straight man and playing a female character may be looked down upon but I do enjoy a well built character and not a character in which his head looks like a block! (Human)

Now back to the more important subject, females. One female has went above and beyond in the World of Warcraft gaming and her name is Hafu, a very respectable druid. This druid owns up all the competition on her 3v3 team and even 2v2 on BG9 battlegroups. I would be definitely scared to fight her in a caged in match of destruction, and we all know how OP druids are anyways.

As stated on nihilum.mousesports.com

“Hafu and her team from US server Tichondrius currently sits on 1st place in the Bloodlust battlegroup (aka BG9) 3vs3 bracket with her team Rhaegyn Bo Bhaegyn.”

Here is her lineup from her 3v3 team and the armory to each profile:




2v2 Team: here
3v3 Team: here
5v5 Team: here

On a more serious note, Nihilum refuses to have female gamers in their guild due to guild drama. Do you think they can weed it all out? Do you think they can go around and break the dreams of female WoW players? I do.


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    P.S. I have a female character lol

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    I’m a girl, who also has a female character. It is completely ridiculous that a guild would not allow female players. If a girl is intelligent enough to have a successful character, she should be smart enough to avoid drama within a guild. This act of sexism just shows the ignorance of males about females. Thats probably why they play Wow anyways. They can’t get a girlfriend.

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    Thanks for sharing your work with us! Your theme is just awesome!

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