Better Rogue Raid DPS

Learn the best way to increase your Rogue Raid DPS and learn the best Rogue Raid DPS Cycles with the below content.

Now let us continue with the DPS side of things.


If you are trying to be a perfectionist in World of Warcraft and reach the top of the charts for being a Rogue then you need to know a few things. Right now it is next to impossible to be beat all other classes in DPS so do not get discouraged.

Before you consider yourself to do lots of DPS in a raid you need to gear yourself for the raid. Make sure all sockets are gem’ed to meet the raid’s expectations. I will go over a simple gem list for Rogue’s that you could use to improve PvE damage.

Delicate Scarlet Ruby – This is your main priority when gem’ing out your gear. Agility gem’s will increase you crit chance / attack power / dodge rating. You will gem out all your gear to that standard unless you are lacking in other areas or you are looking for a specific socket bonus.

Rigid Autumn’s Glow – This will improve your hit rating for those that do not meet their minimum hit rating for the bosses they need to kill. Most hit rating gems will be used by Rogues who are not Combat built which means they are lacking precision. You should keep an eye out on your hit rating, especially if you see that you are missing quite a bit.

Other than those gem’s there are not many other gem’s you need to look into unless you feel like testing out some DPS with different things.


Below I will list which slot you should enchant with what enchant. These are not mandatory but what you can expect me to raid with, but to each his own. This is only experimental and by no means should you take these as solid facts, with that said let me present you with the “best” item enchancements and enchants possible.

Head Slot : [Arcanum of Torment] (50 Attack Power , 20 Critical Strike)

[Note: Must be honored with Ebon Blade to attain that Arcanum]

Shoulder : [Greater Inscription of the Axe] (40 Attack Power , 15 Critical Strike)

[Note: Must be exalted with Sons of Hodir to attain that Arcanum]

Back : [Enchant Cloak – Major Agility] (22 Agility)

Chest : [Enchant Chest – Powerful Stats] (10 All Stats)

Wrist : [Enchant Bracers – Greater Assault] (50 Attack Power)

Hands : [Enchant Gloves – Major Agility] (20 Agility)

Legs : [Icescale Leg Armor] (75 Attack Power , 22 Critical Strike)

[Note: Leatherworker’s make this item enchancer, pick up one off the Auction House or make one for yourself]

Feet : [Enchant Boots – Greater Assault] (32 Attack Power)

Weapon 1 : [Enchant Weapon – Exceptional Agility] (26 Agility)

Weapon 2: [Enchant Weapon – Exceptional Agility] (26 Agility)

Rogue Rotations :

Assassination Build : If you are the general Assassination Rogue build where you are deep in that tree but have a small portion in Combat then you should use the following rotation. You need to start out stealthed sneaking up on your target with Hunger for Blood up at full strength, you will then use Garrote. After Garrote you will proceed to stack combo points with Mutilate until you have 5 points, then you will use Rupture, then you should have at least one point with your talents up on the mob, then you will hit Slice and Dice, then you either Eviscerate or Envenom to refresh Slice and Dice, and then repeat until dead.

The below build is what I would suggest for anyone wanting to use daggers and raid at the same time with the highest end of DPS possible. Keep your DPS cycles in check and everything will be alright.

This combination seems to take a long time reading but if you know what you are doing this will only take moments before your DPS will sky rocket. Slice and Dice will be your main DPS booster so make sure it is up as well as Hunger for Blood.

Combat Build : You should be the general Sword Spec’ed Combat build mainly using slow main hand weapons and fast off hand weapons. You will spam Sinister Strike until 5 combo points, then hit Slice and Dice, then build up the points again and get Rupture up, after that it will be Adrenaline Rushes, Blade Flurry, and Killing Spree at every pop.

The build I suggest below on WoWhead is for all the players who want to play a nice sword build and spam Sinister Strike all the time. You will be keeping all your damage talents in line with all the ones that matter when you check out the below build.

Make sure you have every cooldown poped at all time and all trinkets ready to go. Use Sinister Strike only, and when your DoT’s and DPS increasers are up make sure you Eviscerate when you have time to insure that your damage is always being done and from there you will only see your DPS go up hill.

This should help most Rogue’s start to sky rocket their DPS and if you can truly say this information is not what is the norm, then I would like to know what is the best way to improve DPS for Rogue’s at raiding by commenting below. If you have any suggestions just give us a shout and we will see that it includes your information.

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  1. avatar comment-top

    Using mutilate build I thought you were better off gemming the +32 AP gems instead of +16 Agility?

    Is this not also the case in the upcoming patch (3.1) since poisons are set to scale more with AP?

    Or am I completely off the mark here?

    As you may have guessed I am a little confused :S

  2. avatar comment-top

    I understand you are stating as far as 3.1 in concerned but as of now you will want the +16 Agi gems.

    First of all +16 agility = more DPS
    1 Agility = 0.01179198% at level 80.
    (Example- 1423 Agility is 16.78% crit)

    1 Agility = 2 Armor at level 80.

    1 Agility = 0.02066460% Dodge at level 80.

    So in all reality most PvE player like to have Dodge, Crit, Armor, Attack Power out of one stat, instead of pure AP. That is just how the world works now, but each thing has its own way to be played so tell me if you go pure AP.


  3. avatar comment-top

    […] In order to prove yourself to most of the guilds out there while being a Rogue you need to show them one a few things, which mainly includes how much DPS you can show off on the boss fights and how well you know your fights. Now let us put the strategy of the bosses to the side and get to the needy greedy aspect of DPS fights. You will need to have the best gear that you can. […]

  4. avatar comment-top

    In the information regarding the combat build: “after that it will be Adrenaline Rushes, Blade Flurry, and Killing Spree at every pop.”

    If you look at the talent build you have published with it, you’ll notice that you don’t have Killing spree as a talent.

  5. avatar comment-top

    Hey Azur,

    There must have been an issue for me linking the combat build, it should be fixed now.

    Thanks for the heads up man


  6. avatar comment-top

    […] I prodded a friend, who does raid a lot, into writing an article on Rogue Raid DPS which I found quite useful. Now it’s time to start playing around with some of this stuff and […]

  7. avatar comment-top

    I think the assasination build is also off — in fact, it’s a combat build ?

  8. avatar comment-top

    a 5 Snd 5 Rupture cycle is not exactly optimal, most properly geared and buffed rogues use a 2/3 snd 5 rupt 5 evisc cycle with SS rpt and SND glyphs, which are still the best in 3.1.

    Who uses swords as combat anymore anyways? Perhaps that will change in 3.1 with -real- sword itemization, but Fist/Dagger is really the only way to go until you get your hands on some good swords.

  9. avatar comment-top

    fix the link plz for the assassination build. it leads to a combat build.

  10. avatar
    Bloodchimera Says:
    April 18th, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    Also even before 3.1 poisons scaled with AP. As a rogue gemming, you want to stack AP over agility, due to the fact you really dont care about armor and dodge, you shouldnt be getting hit, and if you are that little bit wont save you, from Whirlwind and such. So comparing the stats of increased crit and ap, 1 agi= 1 AP, overall the AP is better due to also scaling poisons. Also you want to try to burn CDs together for benefit but time it, when using adren rush dont Blade flurry since you will probably waste energy regen time while in blade flurry. Since the timers for CD are the same for Killing Spree and Blade Flurry, I burn the two together usually and make sure I save my adren rush for a boss if one is close, or high HP single target mobs. Hope it helps and happy raiding.

  11. avatar comment-top

    Great above comment, I fully understand what you mean with pure AP but also, you are leaving out Crit chance which is a GREAT asset. I make sure mine is at around 30-40% Unbuffed, and then I go all out on AP to provide the most dmg.

    But yeah you pretty much summed it all up, thanks!

  12. avatar comment-top

    your link for the assasination build still leads to combat =/ can you fix it please article is very i interesting and i wana try it out XD

  13. avatar comment-top

    try this link mates for assasination build

  14. avatar comment-top

    For those of you that have been interested in an assassins build, I would reccomend this build:

    You can chose if you want more or less combo points in Focused Attacks or Close Quarters Combat.

    With this build I would reccomend using the same rotation as described above.

    If anyone has any suggestions/questions regarding the build, feel free to post =)

  15. avatar
    tazzmanian Says:
    May 14th, 2009 at 5:39 pm

    for the rogue assasination rotation, im pretty sure u cant have hunger for blood up until u have a bleed effect on the target so wouldnt it be

    stealth behind target, garrote, hunger for blood, mut (5), rupture, mut, sNd, mut (5), evis… rinse repeat?

    let me know :)

  16. avatar comment-top

    erm… optimising rogue raid DPS post with no mention of expertise cap and only token mention of hit cap?

    I’d be a little amused if I saw a rogue gem Agi if their Expertise was gimped.

    Somewhat useful post, but you might also want to look here:

  17. avatar comment-top

    @ tazzmanian: the post was probably written before the HfB changes. It used to be that you charged it up to 3 stacks before your opener.

    @ OP: your enchants are wrong – the best PvE weapon enchants for rogues are generally Berserking and Mongoose. You’ve really got a woody for +agi :)

    Of course, like always, check everything in a spreadsheet because it’s all gear and spec dependent.

  18. avatar
    Ryoubreathinngow Says:
    July 11th, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    are you serious? these specs are bloody retarded. You skipped out on lethality on the actual CBT build, for improved eviscerate, and 10 extra energy? these specs are made for bosses, not trash, so you wont use eviscerate much while keeping up a good rotation. lethality gives your SS an additional 30% dmg on its crits, thats a bunch more dps than using eviscerate on trash/maybe a couple times on a boss. you ALSO skipped out on 10% melee haste. this is a cbt swords spec, cbt swords specs lean more tword haste for the cbt swords proc/combat potency procs. and you seriously skipped out on 10% melee haste for improved sprint and 2% parry? along with the 10% haste you get 6% dodge.

    this isnt a guide to “Better Rogue Raid DPS” and to the guy who was talking about +32ap gems instead of 16 agility, when in a raid, a pallys kings (+10% to stats) doesnt effect pure attackpower stuff, but it does effect agility.

  19. avatar comment-top

    To the above poster, what you have spoke about does not affect my raiding. Why should I waste my talent build to help clear trash when I should be more worried about my boss killing strategies?

    Trash is for Mage’s, fyi.

    No one asks for a Recount Report at the end of trash they ask for it at the end of a boss, because thats what we care about.

    Anyone can kill trash, not everyone can take down bosses. Come back and flame when you have the experience to do so, kk?

  20. avatar comment-top

    any raid spec that gives you sprint and parry over haste is terrible. now the guide in general is good, but your comments afterward arent very intelligent. anyone that slacks on trash is useless. you are supposed to go all out all the time, or else you are a slacker being carried to bosses just to get free loot. apparently all you are worried about is the recount at the end of fights, which means you are NOT a good raider. dps is not everything my friend, Im sorry.

  21. avatar comment-top

    also, while Im at it. Ill teach you a few things. Assaination rogues do NOT use eviscerate unless our targets are immune to poison. Envenom is our finisher because all of our talents are boosting the envenom dps. Also, you will hardly ever go to 5 combo points on any finishers. because its not a good use of energy to keep up your best dps. almost every time you use a finisher, regardless of spec. it will be a 4 point, so you dont waste energy. the slight increase in damage done that hit, actually lowers your overall dps. and just to let everyone who isnt BiS, anyone without the T8 4 slot bonus or in equally good gear (meaning Uld 10 and higher)you will NOT want to use rupture in your rotation. Rupture will actually lower your overall dps in any fight that you are not required to run away for a long period of time. having the crit bonus from 4 set T8 makes it increase dps and once you have top end gear as well. but before that, rupture lowers dps. Everything Ive said is based purely from a Mut rogue. your welcome for the tips

  22. avatar comment-top

    While I do thank you for your comments as they are helpful to the topic, I have to say having parry for a Raiding Rogue is ultimately the most stupid thing I have heard, like at all. Are you preparing to be pulling aggro? Hope not.

    Now, as far as saying to use Envenom that is correct and I am not sure why it was not automatically included in the guide, but yeah use Envenom instead of Evis.

  23. avatar comment-top

    one of your specs posted, the one for combat. has a point into the parry talent. so, you would be the most stupid person based on the fact taht you are telling people to use a parry talent. both of your specs are messed up. 1: they are both combat specs. 2: you dont have the melee haste talent in either one which is a big dps boost. 3: you have improved sprint which is useless for raiding rogues. Fix your specs, feel free to use my examples that follow: Assasination – Combat –

  24. avatar comment-top

    and for anyone reading this, my examples arent the only ones you can use. there are a couple points you can use in other spots depending on how you play your toon. But if you want a serious example as to how to atleast start your raiding spec, follow my examples, not the ones posted originally.

  25. avatar
    apostulos panagiotopulos Says:
    August 4th, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    Yeah Envenom provides better damage than Eviscerate for Mutilate build. Also I see that master poisoner is missing in these builds. I thought it was the better talent. For glyphs use the mutilate glyph instead of snd glyph since the last patch. However the new patch combat specs might start seeing some rogues using axes, specially orcs. As of now the only useful axe would be:

    Anything else has wasted stats for raiding rogues such as strength or too much resilience. See here for more options:;minle=200;maxrl=80;cr=123;crs=3;crv=0

  26. avatar
    apostulos panagiotopulos Says:
    August 4th, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    Okay as far as lvl 80 rogues these are our options for combat axes:;minle=200;maxrl=80;cr=123:79:20;crs=3:3:3;crv=0:0:0

  27. avatar comment-top

    hey wiht the assasination build do after rupture do i need 5 combo points to S&D?

  28. avatar
    arawawrrawr Says:
    September 8th, 2009 at 3:03 am

    you know nothing about rogue, please know your class before you post shit on it

  29. avatar comment-top

    Learn your class first, and btw, you probably play private servers, since you spam agility all the time. agility is good, but honestly? i agree with the other poster about the berserking on the weapons, agility on the weapons is lame. plus envenom is much better dps for “any” assasination spec. Assasination is meant for poisons you idiot. Thats why there are about 5 or 6 different talents that involve poisons. envenom is best used with deadly poison. especially to get your slice and dice back up to full. like honestly? wow. learn the class bro.

  30. avatar comment-top

    I’m kinda disappointed… you have no build for Combat/Hemo and i’ve been trying to find a good build for that. nor do you have any kinda Sub build at all. I personaly prefer hemo because its 120% weapon damage and only cost 35 base engergy making it much better for dps than SS. given the proper talents hemo can get up to 140% weapon damage. agility is nice and the 10% pally buff is would work nicely. but theres no garantee on having a pally. and if there is one you should NOT ask for kings. Rogues need might… especially if theres a Ret pally around

  31. avatar comment-top

    […] I prodded a friend, who does raid a lot, into writing an article on Rogue Raid DPS which I found quite useful. Now it’s time to start playing around with some of this stuff and […]

  32. avatar comment-top

    your spec for combat was pitiful lethality is a must for any raiding in the long run it will be your best friend. but lightning relfexes is definately where you need to put your poitns especially if your swinging some swords that 10% haste is beastly. with the latest patch though i got rid of relentless strikes and went for the improved poisons and noticed a significant difference. also if you glyph for rupture and spec for it, it will definately out dmg a simple evicerate. i hope this may help.

  33. avatar comment-top

    is a spec for you guys out there interested in a mutilate spec also when you do this spec make sure your poison capped which i think is atleast 300+ hit rating. put deadly on your mainhand and then instant on your off hand. if you keep up slice and dice and rupture and hunger for blood you dont have to have the best gear in the world to put out some good numbers i sugest practicing your rotation on a dummy to master it because it may be difficult for some guys out there to keep everything ticking. i hope this can help.

    good luck and happy hunting

  34. avatar
    Dininurden Says:
    April 9th, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    You never put deadly on your main hand which should technically always be a slower weapon than your offhand. The reason for this is Deadly stacks up to 5 times so you want it applied as fast and as often as possible. In my oppinion always go Intant MH, Deadly OH.

    and for pvp assass/mute build i recommend WOund MH, Cripling OH.. unless you are targeting casters then i would go with Wound MH, Mind Numbing OH.

  35. avatar
    Assasinbltch Says:
    April 16th, 2010 at 9:09 pm

    Rogues most complacated class in the game! I Read threw these comments and many others across the net and really cnt find the best spec to go with! Im new 2 rogues but seems there 2 much crap flying about. Need someone to link a proper spec that works complete with glyphs, Enchants and Gems. Thanks :)


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