Best Rogue Talent Builds EVER!

The best talent builds for rogues these days are the ones that either rock for pvp or pve situations but have you ever wondered about different scenarios? These next few talent builds will not be of the ordinary solely because everything else has been done before but i consider these to be “specialized” talent builds that I will be creating for each class over the week!

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Most World of Warcraft Rogue gamers LOVE to do hardcore burst damage for PvP and generally speaking PvE is all about combo point obtaining and managing while keeping up Rogue DoT’s on the target for the best DPS possible so let us find you some of these first starting with my favorite PvE Rogue Talent Build.

[51/13/7] The PvE Rogue Build That Will Make Others Wish They Roll’ed A Rogue

This will be the PvE build of choice that gets you through from being a low-end level 80 to the point where you are the best of the best in the top of the line 80’s as of 3.0.9 which is an Assassination build mixed with a little Combat and an even littler amount of Subtlety.

You will be all about your poisons with this build and of course you will need a good set of daggers for it to work right because you will using Mutilate as your main attack. You will also be keeping up on your Hunger for Blood making sure it is always at 3 stacks (this will be removed in 3.1) and for the most optimal DPS possible, make sure you have Rupture up at all times or at least for the majority of the time.

With Slice n Dice on this build you should work up two combo points hit Slice n Dice then right before it is about to finish out you hit either Envenom or Eviscerate so it refreshes the Slice n Dice timer thus creating the best DPS flow possible.

[0/17/54] Watch Those Death Knights Get WTFOWNED

Yes the Death Knights are running free on WoW but that does not mean we have to cower against them anymore. We are Rogues and we should damn well start acting like one, we have the magic and the moves, now lets put all of them into play.

The talent build I gave you all for basic PvP encounters are mainly for anything that is a little overpowered such as a Mighty Morphin’ Pally Ranger and the MEGAOMGWTF Death Knight, now lets discuss how to shut them up.

Since we are Rogues we should only strike when the setting is right so we will stay stealthed until we do Premeditation on our target and then we come up behind them and do an Ambush! This should and will slow them down by a lot making them have no where to go if you time this right.

You will then Hemorrhage them and get enough Combo Points do hold down a nice Kidney Shot which after this point you will have to fight them out. If it is a caster class it will most likely be dead by now or you will, if not then you should either Dismantle them or you can wait for a Parry which then you will use Riposte on them, making sure they have no weapon or they are stunned for most of the time.

Specialized Talent Builds To Meet Your Needs

Here are the builds that most people can not find on the internet at any place which normally cause people to fail at what they are doing. I have never found a Rogue build just for farming gold or soloing Burning Crusade instances and this is the reason I made them just so someone will benefit from this and hopefully will make some serious loot.

[0/19/52] Open the Booty! Yar!

What we Rogues do best is lock picking and this is mainly because we are the only class that can and kind of because we are a little more sexy than most. Anyways, with Rogue Chest Farmining there comes certain dangers and certain things you need to keep in mind the whole time so you do not die and so you can do it in the shortest time possible, which of course increases your gold an hour rating, right?

This build equips you with every talent possible to keep from dieing and to just stay alive. You have talents reducing your cooldown times on abilities such as Preparation and Vanish along with Distract too! This is the same build I have been using to farm gold with on my Rogue when I want to do chest runs in any Burning Crusade instance.

[0/21/50] Disenchant this Rogue Build

As you could have guessed this is a build that gets you to kill a boss in an instance just to Disenchant his loot to farm materials for your or others Enchanting professions. Now you may think that anyone can do this with any build, and I will say you are right, but also I will say with my builds I will do it better.

Now this build is similar to the Chest Farm build but that is mainly because of the stealth and cooldown talents that I use in this same build. You will be relying on dodging their hard boss hits and also getting past most of the add’s in the instance and if you cannot do that you will be able to Vanish + Preparation + Vanish, if needed.

Check out this build and all others on this page and tell me what you think, what would you do differently? Have these builds worked for you before? I love to know the ways other Rogues do what they do and of course like normal, if it is good enough it will be published on Azeroth Now!


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    Please use this calculator for 3.0.9 build for rogue spec.


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