AzerothNow is back!

You may have been wondering why the post’s were so old school. You may have been wondering why it had been forever since this damn site was updated, well it has been a long journey I guess you could say…

I quit playing WoW

As hard as that was for me, I had to quit to take care of real life issues and money, etc etc. Visin (Rogue) was left abandoned on Aerie-Peak (US) and hasn’t been played until yesterday. Yeah I know, this is what it means. I am back in the game!

World of Warcraft has been one of my favorite games ever played, and I just can’t get away from it for even a few months. So as you may expect, there will be a lot more posts made, a lot more strategies and a lot more information to be thrown around, and MAYBE I will get back into this posting thing and learn how to type again!


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    I’m glad to see you are back in action. Kudos


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