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So Arena ratings have always been very huge to anyone on World of Warcraft because lets face it, we like epics and lots of them, and even more importantly, good epics. As of tonight I started compiling all Battlegroup servers and listing them up top on Azeroth Now on the “Battlegroup” page, this will also include detailed realm information later on when I have time.

If you remember correctly on “Eww WoW Cooties“, we discussed female gamer, Hafu, and how she was a mega-leet Druid that was one of the highest ranked Arena teams in all of the World!

The Jamaican Pushcart Team from Hafu is ranked number 5 Arena team across the World of Warcraft which goes to show you how well a PvP Bible can help out.  This PvP Bible was able to get people into the top portions of every bracket by simply following along step by step to reach the ultimate satisfaction of being the highest ranked Arena team in the World.

There are only three things you are going to need to learn;

1. Know your class.

2. Know your enemy

3. Know to learn from your mistakes.

I encourage you to at least view the PvP Bible because that is how to truly learn the Arena to the fullest and to become one of the Professional’s. Now it is true that is takes practice to become the best but with this PvP Bible that work has already been scoped out for you!

Remember, we’re taking all the risk for a full 60 days while you get to test-drive the system. If it doesn’t work, if you don’t like it, if you feel it’s not right for you, you don’t pay!

Pick up your copy of the PvP Bible today and reach the ultimate thrill of meeting Hafu in the Arena and maybe you can take her down, and next there will be an article covering you!

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    Great PvP guide. My resto druid got over 2200 rating in about 6 weeks. High recommended.


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