Who am I?

I am Visin, or as my human life insists that my name is Cory Buckley. I have been known as Visin ever since my days of Lineage II, and so I brought it to my World of Warcraft life. If you are speaking about the character named

Visin then you will notice two things;

1.) Visin is a girl.

2.) The name Visin isvery similar to the product “Visine” which so happens that you will get made fun of a lot for that name.

Azeroth Now… How did you come up with that name?

Well, it is very hard to remember what I first made up that name but it came mostly from the knowledge of people like to know things very soon and that people are more prone to reading about something if it is urgent news or topics so that is where the “Now” came from and of course Azeroth fell in very shortly.

My inventory of characters:

Visin – My lovely 70 Night Elf Rogue


Aisen – Human Mage with a bit of spunk!

Arctena – Test experiment Death Knight