5 Reasons to join a Guild

I have noticed an increase in players joining guilds these days which is great let me tell you! I use to get frustrated with the people who refused to take action in their game because I would see that same character stay at their low level and never make any progress on their goals. It is not my place to say you should or you should not but below are 5 reasons to join a guild.

1. Help

More often than not if you do not have a group of friends or companions you will not succeed at a faster rate than more and more likely it will get boring talking to your Imp. Guilds mainly have an automatic promise that they will do their best to help you achieve your goals or at least help with a quest or two when needed.

2. Fun

With a raid you will be more prone to getting your raid groups started if they have not already started. The fun meter of a guild is off the chart if you pick the right one and I know for a fact I have had fun with every guild I have been in, but you need to remember that it takes a fun person to have fun so make it what you will. With all of this fun you will be getting good amount of loot while doing this with a smile on your face, which in turn leads me to my next point, wealth.

3. Wealth

Do not get me wrong about this but we all know that with a guild you will be able to obtain items that you would not without the guild such as epic drops, and if you were able to obtain them before, you will be able to obtain them faster with a guild.

4. Fame

When you are known for doing something, that is fame. Fame is also used in World of Warcraft due to high amount of players and not being able to distinguish the difference between them, so they use fame to separate persona. By having a guild on World of Warcraft or if you belong to a popular guild, you will find yourself famous in no time, at least at a faster rate than most.

5. Social

Inside World of Warcraft you will notice over your first week, everyone hates poor grammar. I can pretty much guarantee if you are on the trade channel and you try to look cool and then you use poor grammar then you will be made fun of. Now, this is not me saying I have great grammar by any means because, well, I do not, but I do know the ways WoW works. By socializing with a guild in everyday life you will start to learn all the inside jokes, the best ways to approach people and best of all, it is free!

As you can see there are many great benefits in joining a guild and seriously there is no reason to not join one, it is just such a great experience to be in. So now you can not complain about not having a reason to join one, but I would love to hear what you do in your guild, so I ask unto you…

“What is your stance in your guild?”


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    […] 5 Reasons to join a Guild I have noticed an increase in players joining guilds these… […]

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    Aw man, you left out the #1 reason to join a guild. Revenge. Someone ganks you, and then you call for help. Or, *you* provide the help in teaching those nasty Ally gnomes that they should go ganking somewhere else.


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