WotLK 450 First Aid Guide

First Aid is particularly important skill to learn early on to reap the most benefit in the profession.  The Rogue uses the First Aid skill in order to stay alive so long in an arena match, and even when you almost have that pesky Rogue where you want him you soon will find yourself Blinded and that same Rogue is healing.  How did he do that? Well if you are not so dumb you will know that he uses Bandages to re-heal when he is about dead and this is what this guide is about, how to get to 450 skill in your First Aid profession.

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Why is it even beneficial to have maxed out First Aid skills? The reason most get their First Aid skill up so high is simply because they are not a Druid, Priest, Shaman or Paladin, and if you are not one of those four classes then you will not be able to use your arsenal of spells to heal your injured self, this is why using your own home made bandages will prove useful and more importantly pay off.

Who can even use First Aid? Everyone. There is no class restriction on who and who can not use First Aid, there is only simply one question to ask yourself, “Will you need it?”. Priests do not ever need a bandage, they can heal themselves. If you are smart enough you will definitely know if you need it or not.

What will I be able to create? I am so glad you asked that.  There are multiple bandages that you will be able to create along with other cures for poisons, so there will be multiple ways you can heal yourself and maybe even others, I will show you what you can make…

Linen and Heavy Linen Bandages
Wool and Heavy Wool Bandages
Silk and Heavy Silk Bandages
Mageweave and Heavy Mageweave Bandages
Runecloth and Heavy Runecloth Bandages
Netherweave and Heavy Netherweave Bandages
Frostweave and Heavy Frostweave Bandages
Anti Venom
Strong Anti Venom
Powerful Anti Venom

How can I level my profession to level 450? There us such an easy way now, and I am the one to show you the light, and my friend, you will be healing yourself pretty good. I have compiled the list of what you need to use until you level in each.

Make Linen Bandages from 1 to 40.
Make Heavy Linen Bandages from 41 to 80.
Make Wool Bandages from 81 to 115.
Make Heavy Wool Bandages from 116 to 150.
Make Silk Bandages from 151 to 180.
Make Heavy Silk Bandages from 181 to 210.
Make Mageweave Bandages from 211 to 240.
Make Heavy Mageweave Bandages from First Aid 241 to 260.
Make Runecloth Bandages from First Aid 261 to 290.
Make Heavy Runecloth Bandages from First Aid 291 to 330.
Make Netherweave bandages to 360.
Make Heavy Netherweave bandages to 375.
Make Frostweave bandages to 400.
Make Heavy Frostweave bandages to 450.

That is great and all but how much do they heal for? Well which one are you talking about? Frostweave? Mageweave? Netherweave? Ah, whatever, here is what each and every bandage heals for…

Linen Bandage = 66dmg
Heavy Linen Bandage = 114dmg
Wool Bandage = 161dmg
Heavy Wool Bandage = 301dmg
Silk Bandage = 400dmg
Heavy Silk Bandage = 640dmg
Mageweave Bandage = 800dmg
Heavy Mageweave Bandage = 1104dmg
Runecloth Bandage = 1360dmg
Heavy Runecloth Bandage = 2000dmg
Netherweave Bandage = 2800dmg
Heavy Netherweave Bandage = 3400dmg
Frostweave Bandage = 4800dmg
Heavy Frostweave Bandage = 5800dmg

In order to reach this high level you may want to pick up a leveling guide in order to meet your ultimate goal at becoming the highest level on the game! I personally recommend Zygor?s guide because so far this is what I am using and I am already level 79 as a Rogue.

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This concludes the First Aid Profession Guide and by now you should be able to be healing next to that Epic Priest in your raid, or well not so much but you will at least be able to keep yourself alive for a while. There is a few ways you can go about leveling yourself up to that precious 450 kingdom and to each their own, so if you have a better way of doing so just let me know.

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    Blizz said they will introduce 3 (Three!) new bandages in Cataclysm, one of them healing for 38.000 hit points.

    Grrr, I hate the stamina inflation with each new expansion!


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