3.1 Rogue Changes

3.1 Rogue Changes Will Amaze You –

Since revieiwing all changes throughout 3.1 patch notes, I have come to realise some things about the Rogue in 3.1 that will affect the way most play. The 3.1 Rogue changes that I have noted below this are good AND bad and of course some Rogues will do more DPS this way and then again some Rogues will lack in DPS due to the 3.1 patch.

Being level 80 when this patch comes out means that you will be ready for the benefits such as the awesome new Glyphs and some may even like having Dual Spec’s on a Rogue (which I know it will not even phase me). If you have not got to 80 yet then you should consider the way you are leveling and read up on Zygor’s guides as I cannot stress his guides enough.

Now for the patch notes that may scare you but everyone needs a scare everyonce in a while, right?

Goodbye Assasination Builds!

It is not so much as getting rid of Assasination builds but it is increasing the damage and all around usefulness of Combat builds, so why not switch? As you can see, there will be a lot more worked on in the Combat side than the Assasination side .

Combat Buffs:

-Savage Combat now increases damage by 4% (up from 2%).
-Adrenaline Rush now has a 3 minute cooldown (down from 5).
-Lightning Reflexes is now a 3 point talent for 6% dodge and 10% melee haste.
-Killing Spree increases all damage done by 20% while in the spree.


-Poisons are now based on a PPM model.
-Envenom increases your chance to apply Instant Poison by 75% (up from 15%) for 6 seconds.
-Improved Poisons now increases your change to apply Instant Poison by 50% (up from 10%).


-Glyph of Killing Spree (45 seconds off cooldown)
-Glyph of Adrenaline Rush (AR lasts 5 seconds longer)
-Glyph of Shadow Dance (lasts 4 seconds longer)
-Glyph of Fan of Knives (FoK does 20% more damage)
-Glyph of Tricks of the Trade (adds 10% additional bonus damage, so 25%)
-Glyph of Mutilate (Mutilate energy cost reduced by 5)
-Glyph of Cloak of Shadows (while Cloak is up, 40% less physical damage taken)
-Glyph of Hunter for Blood (Increases damage by 1% per application)

Other Changes:
-Hunger for Blood is now a single-stacking 15% damage buff, but requires there to be a bleed on the target.
-Expose Armor now reduces armor by 20%.

Since looking through the patch notes, I believe I will be creating myself an AoE setup that consists of Glyph of Fan of Knives and Glyph of Adrenaline Rush since Adrenaline Rush already has its cooldown lowered. This will make Mages jealous of your AoE damage! I personally can not wait for 3.1 to come out and as soon as it does, you can bet I will be working on the next best builds for my Rogue.

Note: If you are not 80 yet, then you should read up on how to change that TODAY! Zygor’s leveling guides will get you to 80 in less than 7 days, just in time to get raiding with the rest of your friends, or just in time to PWN some major Arena’s, it is up to you how to play but Zygor’s will allow you to do it faster, check him out here or read my review of it here.


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    coheedcam Says:
    March 27th, 2009 at 5:39 pm

    you sir are an idiot, at no point in time during a boss fight will you need to have to do aoe dmg. realize your single target dps and glyphs of sinister strike, ad rush and rupture or snd will do alot more dmg,

  2. avatar comment-top

    Also theres the fact that Ulduar trash will be nothing like naxrammas’, requiring CC and tank assignments. I suppose if bragging rights on trash and little else matter to you that would be a good spec. And Im hoping you mean you’ll set your AOE build as your secondary spec, even so thats pretty useless. Also, you say that Glyph of “Hunter” for blood increases damage bonuses by 1% per application, yet also say its been consolidated into one stack.

    One more thing, last I heard Envenom will not be a 75% poison application bonus unless you spec deep into the assassination tree, i believe itll be integrated into Master poisoner.

    You are not taking into account the bonus damage mutilate will gain by being able to use two slow daggers for essentially more poison damage than a fast fast build currently does, due to slower daggers resulting higher PPM. Mutilate will gain a huge buff through the poison normalization because they have improved poison talents that combat specs cannot reach without large sacrifices.
    I could go on forever but Id rather not write a comment longer than your entire post, but you should look at the changes from more than one perspective instead of wondering what will show you the highest numbers possible that you could link in dalaran for E peen internets.

  3. avatar comment-top

    The AoE build I was refering to was merely for farming lower instances such as Ramparts for enchanting mats, why would a Rogue be in Naxx trying to out do a Mage in Area Damage? Hopefully you are not that stupid.

    ALSO, what I wrote here was what WoW Insider originally had up about 3.1 and Rogues, forgive me if their grammar is poor.


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    “Goodbye Assasination Builds!”

    that sentence automatically voids the credibility of all the commentary you have in your article. you know nothing, sir.

  5. avatar comment-top

    ?Goodbye Assasination Builds!?


    How do you suppose the increased ppm application of poisons in improved poisons and MP in mid and deep assassination builds will defer people from using PvE Mut?

    There are several reasons why people will not “so why not switch?”

    Assassination builds allow 3% increased crit strike chance among all targets that are poisoned. Such as the Elemental shaman or Retribution paladin, which could save valuable seconds in downing a boss.

    Vile poisons/Improved poisons increasing non physical dps to the target is again invaluable to any raid. (ignoring armor etc).

    GG if you can down all the Skitters in Arachnid Quarter with your leet AoE damage. Don;t be crying over a raid kick when you’re not pushing out enough dps on the actual bosses though.

  6. avatar comment-top

    You actually must not even have a Rogue and if you do, hopefully you purchased it. Because someone differs from you in Talent Builds does not give you the right to bash.

    Hell, what you say here means nothing. Actually, I know for a fact that Combat is going to beat Assas, believe me, I loved Assas but its over now, stop being fan-boys and grow up. I have been in this way longer than most Rogue’s and know 10x more than any Rogue.

    so….. QQ I suppose. =D

  7. avatar comment-top

    Who made you King of the Rogues?

    Just because you have been playing longer doesn’t make you smarter. I know plenty of idiots who have been play since day 1.

  8. avatar comment-top

    What makes me king of Rogues?
    Backing up my information with facts.



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