3 World of Warcraft Resolutions

I think that since the New Year has sprung upon us that we should put together some things we all should try to do and to give you all New Year resolution ideas as well.

Get Geared!

The first thing I can think of is gear and what you would like to obtain as your New Years resolution. Personally this is a goal that I must focus on for my Rogue and of course my upcoming Death Knight.

I know my Rogue lacks DPS and I do not want my guild to have to suffer just because I am not going all out with my gear. So there you have it, my first resolution.

Be Friendly!

Friendliness is next to godliness with me and I know I am becoming a little devil. I am a firm believer in karma and that was goes around comes around, and this applies to friendliness as well.

How many times can you think of a lower level asking for help but yet to tell them that you are too busy to help because you are leveling or getting yourself geared out? This is what I am referring to.

I propose that instead of having our self as the primary goal we may need to worry about our other friendly players to help them prosper through life or at least their life on World of Warcraft.


Just relax man. Really take some personal time off and just socialize around in Stormwind for a day and chit-chat. I know I am a victim of being a wow-a-holic and I just WoW myself too hard! So I will slack a little off in that department and continue a better, peaceful, more relaxing WoW relationship.

Well that is all I have set for me, but maybe you have something you would like to show me? Maybe you have your own goals you have set for 2009? Let me know, I really would like to know!

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