2 Days Until Xmas

As we all know there is only two more days until the big holiday in which millions of people celebrate joyfully, the question is, “What will you be doing?”

As for me I am out a week from my main computer (as you can see I haven’t posted anything since I left for my trip) and all I can think about is how I needed to post, which I decided to do today.

The reasoning behind this is that I have seen a thousand ads on television for movies that are releasing on Xmas day, isn’t that a little marketing crazy? Do they think that there will be tons of money coming in on release day? Who knows.

What I want to do is ask the fans what you will be doing the day of Xmas, will you be going to see movies? Will you be still opening your great gifts? Or, will you be hanging out doing what you do best, playing World of Warcraft?

Tell me. Anyway you can.

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